My (good) experience with Enspyre phone answering services

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I just wanted to share my experience with Enspyre.

I started using their telephone answering service a couple of months ago, and if you are a business struggling to keep up with calls or just wanting to free up some time to do other things whilst staying professional, I highly recommend you look into the services offered by Enspyre.

I run my business from home, and look after two kids at the same time. I now have seven retailers I have to service, as well as my own online store. I relied on my cellphone as point of contact for several years, and can honestly say I was going a bit crazy, and often missing calls or not able to concentrate because of background noise. I was at lunch when someone asked, “Who’s answering your phone?” I then realised I had missed seven calls over lunch! That’s when I took the plunge and paid the 1200/month but 50/call service fee for a dedicated number with Enspyre. For this price, I get someone in charge of my telephone number, to answer my calls, handle requests they can, and give me detailed messages.

It only took two days for me to fall in love with the service. The receptionists are so professional, and proactive when answering calls. I get two emails a day with condensed messages, and if they are urgent the messages are sent to my phone. I get the luxury of getting all the information I need before calling customers, and I have had several compliments on the polite, prompt service offered by “my company”. It’s also cut down my cellphone bill a lot, as I don’t waste time calling people back to find out who they are then searching for information they need. Often I can handle requests without having to call anyone. My receptionist even gives me a reminder if I have failed to follow up on something urgent!

As I said, Enspyre has really freed up my day and helped me offer better customer service. So far, it’s been worth every dollar.