My guarantor for apartment, ADSL contract may break off

The person who helped make the guarantee for my apartment contract, and also for my Chunghwa Telecom ADSL plan contract, and I may be ending contact / relationship, perhaps to the point that it will be brought to light with at least one of above entities, particularly landlord. Been in Taiwan less than a year so don’t really know, is this a huge deal here, or varies from place to place? Are landlords / Telecom companies going to cut off service / kick me out, etc?

Simultaneously I have another predicament. Regarding monthly rent as well as deposit. My apartment rent is always from 1st thru end of month. Let’s say I pay this months rent but then must leave the country because my visa / arc expires and I decide not to come back. Will the landlord just keep the whole months rent PLUS the mandatory one month deposit, or will they pro-rate it? Thanks in advance, not only my guarantor are breaking off but I’m also in between schools and my future residence here is also in question.

hmmmm, no help out on this one, anyone?

If you have an ARC, you do not need a guarantor for an adsl contract. If they for some unforseen reason disconnect you because of the guarantor thing, simply go and open a new account under your own name only.

If you pay your rent on time, I find it highly unlikely that your landlord will evict you and lose a good tenant over an issue like the one you described.

As for the other stuff, I dunno. You have to sort out if you will be staying/ going or moving.

thanks, that brings some relief on one of the issues… anyhow I’m in between schools so that just makes it more particular to my situation. will ask again later if anything to add. thanks for now.

Talk to your landlord if you need to leave early, and lay on a good story about why you’re leaving and how it would help sooooo much not to have to pay the full whack of money technically owing. If you’ve cultivated a good relatioship with him/her (no late rent payments, apartment looks nice and clean, etc.) or maybe offer to help find another great tenant like yourself, chances are you might even get the deposit back and not be charge a penalty if your story is good enough. :smiley: Take it as a challenge for your intercultural and/or language skills.