My Johnny Depp Obsession

I’m obsessed with Johnny Depp’s weird facial expressions. He’s always been utterly adorable…a bit too quirky to be sexy, but still hot.
I also have a bit of a thing for Tim Burton.
Yes, it’s the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” trailer. Johnny Depp is so insane it borders on scary. I actually woke up earlier today just to watch the trailer again, and sat watching it until just 10 minutes before I had to leave. I’m completely obsessed.
Is JD even human?

He is god.

I joined the Church of Depp years ago. That Vanessa Paradis? Pffft.

Whatever, mademoiselle!

So would you have him even if he had a small w…er…member?
Go watch the trailer if you haven’t yet.

Hell yeah!

I can just look at his purdy face and have him entertain me night and day. The wang’s not everything to a man. Depp makes up for it with his good looks, charm, mystery, and money.

The secret garden would have been the scariest movie I had ever seen if it had been 40 minutes shorter.

The Deppmeister is great.

I can only think of one bad movie he’s been in:

[color=white]The Astronaut’s Wife[/color]


Johnny Pneumonic was pretty bad.

Phroah !!! Wahay !
The thinking woman’s Salma Hayek:

Is he ‘phroah’ ? I wouldn’t know

He was good in Pirates of Penzance, I never knew he could act till I saw that. Like I never knew Brad Pitt could act till I saw 12 Monkeys, but he would be another thread.

My sister used to drvie a ‘star’ trailer for a film crew in the UK. She met Depp when he was doing ‘From Hell’. She was much impressed, but thought that Ewen McGregor was the nicest star she ever met.


Depp is just a little too skinny but still hot. And those eyes…He can hypnotize me.

Bought “The Man Who Cried” on DVD at a steal - NT$199. Won’t provide any spoilers here, but I would say this is a film in which JD does not have to do anything and just be Johnny :bravo:

Which is basically what he does in every movie. They throw him on a set and the other actors and props and music and the entire universe just kind of oozes in around him. The Man who Cried. Oh yes.

That’s it, I’m staying in and googling Johnny pics tonight. Fluffy has inspired me…
Have to go. Need two hands to type.

P.S. Johnny Pneumonic? Pirates of Penzanse? Whatuh laaa?

I will say that Depp has to be the best actor out there right now. :notworthy: :notworthy:

In Fear and Loathing in LV his performance was unbelievable, but I guess as unbelievable as in all the movies. I can still remember him being on that corny TV show 21 Jumpstreet (was great when Iwas a kid) with that big ass hair. Cannot believe he is has been around that long.

I thought we was good in “Platoon”, one of his first roles on the big screen.

Wrong guy. That’s Keanu Reeves.

Wrong guy. That’s Keanu Reeves.[/quote]
Uh-oh, someone’s humor detector’s on the fritz.

I’m watching Nightmare on Elm Street (Part Don’t Know) and Johnny Depp’s in it! He looks like a BABY!

It’s the first one. I watched starstruck on TV today(dunno the channelbut it’s 70 in Taichung County) and johnny depp was an actor featured.

Yes, men just seem to get better and more beautiful when they get older. Hate the bastards. Then again, they’re pretty cool young too. Yikes, I think I’m starting to channel “10 things I hate about you”.
I also missed Johnny in Nightmare the first time around, because at that time, like all normal kids, I was still perving Freddie.