My kid's a damn geen-yass!

It’s funny, when your kid is a baby, you think every single fart or smile is a miracle. I have this video of my son laughing and giggling as an infant, maybe 3-4 months old that is hilarious. At the end, he pukes all over my shirt. :slight_smile:

Now though, he’s an old baby…5 years old, but damn! The boy amazes me. Was I ever so smart???

My son, two days ago, brought a HUGE beetle home, one of those guys with the big long horn sticking out of its head. I can’t even look at it without cringing:

he picks it up;
he named it cutie-pie
he told me that beetles have eight legs…and I guess it’s true…I don’t know.
in the car today, on the way to school, he drew it, from memory, and I’ll be damned, it’s really really good!

This thread is open to all of us who bore our friends at work with kid stories. I love them :slight_smile:



I love those stories!

Right now, everything my 22 month old does is adorable. Even when she beats up on her big bro and sister (you know, the way little little ones do) and then smirks when we scold her. Can’t help it, I just love seeing little girls with spunk. Unless, of course, it’s directed at ME.

She’s now putting four and five word sentences together. Most of the time we can decipher them. I love this age!!!

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I KNEW I could hook you with this thread! :slight_smile:

Beetles are insects and have six legs. Some have antennae though, which can resemble legs.

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On the genius front and opposite sides I can still clearly recall being summoned to my 5 year olds school because she was failing kindergarden.

It was very, very sad. They wanted to keep her in kindergarden a second year because she was so stuuupid. I drove away really devastated and upset for the little vegemite/ possum (These are typical aussie words for your little offspring when your feeling sad for them)

They did not hold her down and same school graduation 6 years later she got the english lit award. :astonished: :sunglasses:

WEll everything either one of my children does is pretty amazing in my eyes :laughing: but the dumb ass doctor told me it was impossible for children to know all their colors at 18 months. Told me that I was wrong, it was impossible, there was no way he could possibly kow them. He knows them all, even purple and grey for goodness sakes! Maybe people here just dont take the time to point out all the wonderful colors all around us to their children?! :wink:

So yes I’m proud he can do puzzles, colors etc but not so proud of the fact that he’s pretty much glued to my body and I have to pry him off if I even want to go to the bathroom.

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My son is 10 months old and is calling animals something that sounds like “dog”… this morning he crawled along, sat up on the floor, pointed to me, and with a big smile on his face announced “dog”… still not sure whether I was impressed enough to put him in the “genius” category…if he’d said “God” it would have been an instant listing!


My seven year old was in the car with his mom the other day. Mom was singing a Lauryn Hill song, and he was translating it line by line, into Chinese.

He has been reading Harry Potter since he was six. His phonemic ability is amazing.

He spent all dinnertime tonight telling me all the reasons he thought I was cool.


My son too has become quite the asskisser: :slight_smile:

“I wanna be like my dad because he makes people laugh.”

I wanna be like my son, because he loves every second of his life and wants more.

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My son surpassed me as a runner. Nine years old. And I couldn’t be prouder.


@jdsmith, we need an update on this topic. geen-yass or ass-kisser? seems the kid has had some time to come in to their own.

that said, you could always just lie…


We already know… the kid thought beetles have 8 freakin’ legs. ;D

i kid, i kid…

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We still exchange pics and videos of weird bugs. So that’s cool! :sunglasses: