My Kingdom for a UK Keyboard

Where can I get one ? (Well, the UK, obviously!)

My " and @ are all awry and these keyboards have an awfully short backspace, so instead of deleting I do #

And they’re covered in hieroglyphics.

It’s not good when you’ve got a hangover. The whole shebang is in danger of landing on the street if I do another soandso"

used to be pretty easy, but now thaey are mostly produced in the mainland. I’ll call around to a few old colleagues for you on monday to see if there are any samples laying around that they’ll part with. USB, I assume.

You should try typing on this powerbook I bought in Germany. Schise (sp?), the stupid little things one overlooks when getting a new toy and getting in hand with minimal delay.

10 drachma’s and 2 chickens should cover it.


You can do something with your settings so that the computer thinks it’s got a UK keyboard. Your @ and " will still appear to be in the wrong place but pressing one will get you the other.

I’ve got

Thanks. PS/2 if poss. Although I don’t suppose it matters…!

Apart from the “pound” sign - what is the problem???

You have a very expensive keyboard in this day and age if the chararacters cannot be peeled off

Send me a PM next week when I am back in Taipei. I substituted a few European keyboards with locals one at work. If we still have them at the office I can pass one to you.

[quote=“rian”]Apart from the “pound” sign - what is the problem???


It isn’t the Euro yet.