My kitten keeps trying to get milk out of me!

Any advice on this one?

I am the proud owner of two really lovely kittens, about 3 months old. One though, the lovely Choco, is constantly padding me and the mrs looking for breasts so he can get milk. I was sitting around the house yesterday with no top on and he jumped on my chest and started to suck :astonished:

Any ideas what to do about this one?

Just lie back and enjoy it.

I had a cat that did that, I think he just grew out of it.

I also had a kitten who used to do that to another (male) cat. They both seemed to enjoy it.

Stop acting like a tit. The most important thing to remember is that you should never punish a very young kitten for nursing behavior. Since the nursing is bothering you I think you might want to try having a blanket or an extra shirt nearby that Kinky could use for dry nursing. Direct him to the ‘expendable’ shirt or blanket and away from you. In addition, you can interrupt the dry nursing by picking him up and moving him from your shirt, perhaps distracting him with a toy (remember the more you play with him the less stressed he will be and the less likely he will need to find comfort in dry nursing…).
Lastly, you can use a bitter apple spray. This is a good deterrent, though I recommend it as a last resort. If you use it, put a little on your skin or on the shirt where Kinky attempts to nurse. You’ll find that he will not go for that area as much. Keep me posted. Your Pal, Simba