My laptop just died... I think

Its an old toshiba laptop. about 5yrs old.

I just want to have a lillte help troubleshooting it.

Today it has started up normal twice, but about 30 times it didnt

I press the power button to start it, and the power light comes on, but the hard drive and cdrom etc nothing else does anything.

I really dont think i am willing to put much money ito it.

Where do i go from here.


Had you or have you noticed any strange sounds coming from the harddisk area?

I had a laptop that was about 10 years old which apparently died on me. After yanking out the old harddisk, then inserting another, I discovered that the old harddisk was dead. It works fine now.

(Then again, maybe it is time for you to get a new laptop.)

Anybody else?

No this hard disk has been quiet. I push the power button but only the power light turns on not the hd or fan or anything else. It was kinda intermittant (sp). Just wondering if i cant get it going is it worth selling for parts?, or take pout the DH and use it in my main comp. Is there any other uses for it? Besides a door stop.

It may well be cheap to fix. I’d recommend getting a quote.