My little YouTube Project

Hi guys, … I recently started my own YouTube Channel with a Taiwanese friend. Got plenty of silly videos talking about life in Taiwan…

… it’s more interesting than watching Gangnam Style 20 times a day`` LOL!!! @@

Here is the link:


Sounds nice. I’ll be checking it out.

The bloke who’s hair migrated from his head to his face isn’t UTTERLY awful. The banal, lavatorial text that keeps cropping up in the video is, though. :2cents:

It happened to me, too!! :smiley:

I like this guy already :slight_smile:

You guys are funny. :thumbsup:

cheers guys!!! @@ We got a lot of Chinese subtitles, that’s how Taiwanese like their TV shows… lots fo text al over the place LOL!!! When I first came here I thought it was really annoying watching TV, too much data everywhere but I’m used to it…**