My love affair with Fubon

It all started last month…

I had been with Fubon for my insurance for over a year. The full package: medical, accident, death. We had held hands, but never kissed. We looked in each other’s eyes, but I never committed. After all, I had been using Cathay and Huanan for my banking on the side… How would Fubon ever trust me if I was still fooling around with those other floozys? I didn’t deserve Fubon’s full attention.

Last month something changed…

J Points.

3% cashback when checking out with Line Pay, 3.5% until the end of June. I applied.

Fubon knew I was still playing with those “other banks”, and they didn’t like it. “You need a guarantor, Mr meishijia” said Fubon. I used my imense charm, and Fubon decided to take me out on a second date… with no guarantor. We swiped, we scanned, we were scanned by others. It was the best week of my life, with my Fubon. I couldn’t help myself though, I needed more…

Yesterday I met with Fubon near Xike station, and we tied the knot… Fubon Platinum Banking.

Who knows what the future has in store for me and my Fubon, maybe a securities account.



Still a better love story than Twilight


How cute was your salesperson?
Finance is blind to the charm of a cutie.

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I know, I was the cutie. Why else would they let me into their platinum banking lair?




What does platinum give you in Fubon?
I am platinum in Cathay, and i must admit it gives very little…

Not sure to be fair. But they seem to roll the red carpet out for you in the branch I went to. There is a special office area for platinum banking, so you can get some privacy.

I also forgot to mention, opening the account only took 40 minutes.

My Fubon experience has been nice so far… hey, are you trying to take that away from me? :rage: :laughing:

Good. A hot worker is a terrible basis for setting up your finances!



Jealous? He’s been depositing there… :laughing:

There’s enough of me to go around…

I can deposit everywhere :wink: PMs are open

Just don’t tell Fubon

mixing business with pleasure?
banking and insurance are 2 sides of a sleazy partnership