My neighbor's response when asked why he occupied national land

“The DPP government? All thieves. They just want my money!”

Since Tsai Ing-Wen has been president, she and her government have been dealing with lots of national and international issues.
Maybe not known to the public, this new government is trying to clarify the land in the countryside and in the mountains.
To clarify the land… means… to define the land and the boundaries much more clearly and legally, to locate the owners and check their legal papers, and so on…
And it is a big mess!

Why do I mention this?

Because I (and the local land office) just found out that my neighbor has been living on, using and making money from a 5000 m2 piece of ‘national land’… for 70 years!.. as a ghost owner… no document, no payment, no bills, no responsibility on this piece of ‘national land’ for 70 years. Amazing, isn’t it?

Guess what his answer was, when we found out: “The DPP government? All thieves. They just want my money! During the KMT, it was so much better and easier!”


I would imagine land status clarification is a major headache at the moment. Post-1947 there was so much land occupied by demobbed soldiers and a blind eye was turned to the legal status of that land. It all has to be re-assessed especially once the old taros pass on.

how about the land in the citys? all the illegal editions and such. good luck with that.

Pre-1994 additions are de facto legal. Post 1994 it’s all grey. Anyone trying to add to rooftops or build a shack on public land currently is at the mercy of their neighbors. A single phone call brings the inspectors running and a fine and a cease and desist order.

What was the answer?

On that topic:

Plus all of the Women´s League, China Youth Corps, etc. and other organizations and under the cover sales from all the land and properties just swept under the rug.

Jesus, 21 million USD for that tiny little park near the railway station, which didn’t even belong to the old thieves in the first place!

Wait wait wait, your neighbour was illegally living and profiting off a piece of land that wasn’t even his/hers, did not have any supporting documentation to ownership of the rights to the land and you call the people thieves when those people finally wise up to their belongings being used. The DPP government isn’t the thief, your neighbour is the thief for taking something that doesn’t belong to him/her.

You want rights to a piece of land? Buy it like everyone else.


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Land ownership is a social construct. But if the land is put to productive use, that makes it a socially useful construct.

So what was the land in question used for?

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This is not a joke. This is serious.
This is fresh news from this morning
There will be another meeting on 3/13 to close the case
(because my name was involved in this issue)
Ok, I added an emoticon to show the sarcasm
And yes, it is related to “Legal - Real Estate & Housing”


many of the laws here are down to whether your neighbours will call the police (they won’t unless you give them good reason),. until then you can park wherever you like and build whatever shit you fancy on your roof. at the end of the day we are living in an ass backwards country and the govt have their work cut out for them when it comes to anything like this. most taiwanese will react negatively when they have their freedoms (freedoms which bring down others quality of life that is) taken away from them.

When it comes to real estate, the application of the law depends on your political connections. There is a new building in our area, which has taken as part of its built area what used to be a ditch. Aside from the issue of making public property private, there is also a problem regarding safety. Land was owned by one of the Xindian local councillors. As a matter of fact, most of the buildings in the area that have any issues coincidentally were owned by politicians and/or their relatives.

See how useful it is to gossip with the neighbors while throwing out the garbage?

In Hualien some of my friends have been complaining lately about the aboriginal people and their land claims. Seems if an aboriginal has two other people who back his claim that a piece of land is his/her land…then the government will award the land to him/her. So some aboriginal people go build a small structure on some land and later go to government to say the land is actually their land.

Well, that is what I heard. Do not know the actual law specifics but have heard this story several times from various people.

Sounds like coMplete bulkshit. Most of the land there has surely been designated aboriginal land already especially hills and mountainsides. The question then becomes which aboriginals or tribes own it I guess. In this case Chinese who lease the land long term may lose out of course.

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There is paperwork showing what indigenous land was taken, and which tribes, families have clams to it. Part of the proof needed is showing links to the area and character witnesses can help confirm this, but it’s only part of the process.
They don’t just transfer ownership of land to people, then foot the bill for compensation from the other party.

To be honest this is a very complex issue, the UN has a departmet for indigenous people, and land re-appropriation is one of thier core issues. Strangely Tiawan indigenous representatives have been part of this discussion even though Taiwan itself is not officially recognised!?!

Hehe. So youre saying dpp is in reality the victims. What a shitty spot to be in. Trying to fix a problem they didnt create, cannot solve for the people and the people get more international support than their cpuntrys entire status. When they try to solve it they get beaten with the stupid stick. This is so taiwan… Considering dpp has only been a legal entity for a short term the 70 year notion blaming them is quite cute. This is the real issue, trying to be fair with uneducated, entitled assholes doesnt go far.

Good luck, sincerely hope it work out…it probably wont.

As for buying aboriginal land. Been saying it for many years, for some reason people dont get it. At best they think the laws are changing and flatlanders will be able to buy aboriginal land soon…they wont. Just wont happen for many good reasons.

The whole aboriginal land thing is basically a rental system. Anyone saying otherwise is either ignorant or profiting from said, speculative, situations. Its so obvious its likely not worth discussing. Rent government land for longer, without headaches (as many anyway) and WAY WAY cheaper. Only rich people rent (“buy”) aboriginal land cause its a dumb way to rent. They say they own it which speaks volumes about their intelligence level. It might make sense cor non citezens as renting government land is tricky for foreigners. But locals do it cause they just dont get how it works here.

The dpp will never fix the problems like these that were created by the kmt before them. If they really want to get it done and retain some popularity they should think long game and work on educating people. If the 2 parties cant agree on simple elementary school book texts every time an election passes, there is little hope for these deeper issues been understood, nevermind solved, this generation.

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Land and property does seem complex in Taiwan. Many antiquated Laws and rules . Used to be that a “family” , would buy land, build a few houses on it ( probably illegally but nobody cared), then live there happily ever after.
Problem is the land was jointly owned by several people, who had children and grand children. The "ownership " can become divided between 100s of individuals .
What happens in practice , is that the properties can never be sold , unless every single person gives consent. They just become places to reside in .
They really need to look at ways of fixing this issue.
I tried to buy a place that had this problem once…Lawyer said …if you can get the 112 people to confirm in writing …no problem…sigh. Just seems to put some pieces of land into some perpetual limbo.
Maybe they have fixed it now ?

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I’ve moved this to TP but will leave the other thread in Legal, for anyone looking for information (or looking to share information) about how the land ownership and rental laws and regulations actually work.

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This brand new “The Okura Prestige Taipei in Zhongshan District (中山)” ???

The land was underused for years.

There are way too many empty or underused centrally located properties. Yes, many people want their gazillion dollars for them, but quite a bot are well connected «acquisitions». The line between public State property and putting it in some private hands has always been handed in the shadows.