My network cable makes my computer stall (SOLVED)

Here’s my problem. When I restart or turn on my computer (Acer Travelmate 4330), it boots up normally, but when it’s time for the internet connection and Norton to show up in the taskbar, nothing happens. Everything works but it’s running very slow and of course I have no internet connection yet. Except if I click on “connect to” to connect the internet, the system freezes. Even the mouse stops responding. This lasts for about 3 minutes. The internet connection and Norton eventually load and then I can connect to the internet and everything else works flawlessly after that. Until I restart my computer…

A little bit of history about this problem. It started about two weeks ago when I installed Windows Framework and other programs to hack my iphone. This would be about the same time that I tested MyWi, an iphone app that allows my computer to connect to 3g network via Wifi. Since then, my computer always detects my iphone as a Wifi network even if the MyWi application isn’t running on my iphone. I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Since it’s both Norton and the network connections that are slow to boot, I tried removing and installing Norton. I also tried the same with iTunes. I ran registry cleaners and spyware programs. No serious problems were found. Finally, I paid a technician to re-install XP. He saved my settings and my documents in the process. The problem remained the same. So I paid the technician to do a complete reinstall. I backed up my documents on a separate drive and I reprogrammed my settings. I still didn’t help. The funny thing is that It worked when the technician demonstrated but I soon as I got home it didn’t work again.

So I unplugged the network cable and tried restarting. Tada! The network connections and Norton load very fast if the network cable isn’t plugged in. It works normally. It never did that before on this computer. So what could cause that? Now I have to disconnect the network cable every time I turn on or restart my computer. :s

Any ideas?



I clicked on that link late last night and I thought you must be crazy if you think I can do this. Complete tech gibberish. This morning I figured what the heck, I’ll try to read through this. Well… It worked! I followed the instructions and restarted my computer. Norton and the internet connections loaded very quickly. (about ten seconds after the welcome screen appears.)

I used to get a little bubble pop up telling me that the local area connection had limited or no connectivity even when I was actually connected to the internet. Now it connects automatically. So not only does the computer load faster at startup, this got rid of that annoying pop up every time I restart my computer. :slight_smile:

I owe you one, Rik. Thank you! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

PS: I’m pretty sure my browser is faster now, too. :slight_smile: