My new album is out!

Well, it’s not new. It was recorded 32 years ago. :smile:

Here’s a sample that may appeal to some, but horrify others:


That’s some serious post-production… :sweat_smile:


Hahaha. Not really. It was just remastered. At least it’s out before I die of old age!


Not AT ALL my style but I respect the talent!


Maybe you’ll like this one more:


Possibly this one?


Or the best pop song I ever wrote?


@jimipresley I like them all. It seems that the album is freely available on YouTube… How would a “patron of the arts” support you (perhaps with some of the 6000 clams of tax refund coming up, if that ever happens). I don’t have a CD player, but would buy a CD. Seems the Facebook page says they’re sold out.

Anyways, congrats on the album release and thanks for sharing here.

From the review on Discogs, video footage of the concerts would be pretty incredible if available:

Performances were of such a nature that indemnity forms had to be signed by audience members. It was a dangerous affair that included the likes of pyrotechnics, shooting guns loaded with blanks, throwing petrol on the audience then lighting it and spraying angle grinder sparks onto their on-stage gimp and the audience.

“on-stage gimp” seems too good to be true!!

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I’m never going to make any money from it. I even have to pay to get a copy sent to me. My bandmates just want to recoup costs.

There is a video.


Then don’t turn off comments.

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I’m not in control of all that. It’s pretty irrelevant to me at this stage of my life. I think it’s a pirate, actually.

I see. I thought you were in control of the video.

The idea is that turning off comments can suppress the video and hurt its performance, thus making it harder to monetise.

If you are the copyright owner, have you thought of opening your own channel?

Monetising isn’t the point. The cost will be recouped by selling the merchandise. It’s just to get the stuff out there for our fans.
If it takes off in a big way, that will have to be rethought, but it’s highly unlikely. The stuff’s fucking ancient.

Monetisation of the video is linked to performance and reach. It’s a package that comes with all three.

Perhaps, but my point is, don’t do things that hinder the ability of the algorithm to recommend it to new people.

It is more likely that a video may be selected by the algorithm and made viral if it’s not being suppressed.

Basically, these are extremely low effort things that probably won’t lead to anything, but are risk free and at the very least can lead to more benefits for you.

Who doesn’t like free no-strings-attached money and benefits?

Upload the songs you have in their own videos, put some tags on it, offer links to merch, write a description and let people comment as comment increases engagement which makes the algo continue to recommend it. If you’ve made numerous songs over the years, upload them once a week to increase engagement.

At least, you’ll be in the same position, at most, the sky is the limit. If you continue to make new music, keep uploading.


Yes, please. I’ll definitely buy, but couldn’t find a link. I think a lot of us would support you in this way, not only as a fellow Forumosan, but as a creative and talented artist and a pretty humorous bloke, from my experience.

Heck, we could probably pitch in to buy you a carton of smokes and a couple bottles of whiskey :joy: if that’s your preference.

Link please, especially if it involves an angle grinder and a gimp!!

Yes, when you disable comments, don’t use tags, don’t write a description etc…, you’re basically tying the video’s hands behind its back.

I think the point is that Jimi isn’t in charge of the channel (pitated). It would take a fair amount of effort to report the channel, create your own channel, and reupload the audio/video files as Marco wisely advised. The issue may be getting all bandmates on board, fair distribution of any monetization, and working to popularize the channel/videos. Not exactly an easy set of tasks.

If @jimipresley doesn’t want to be bothered with such things, I completely understand. Having the content released itself, pirated or not, is important for an artist. However, posting some links to your merchandise would likely give you a bit of pocket money. You can post these kind of links in various places that mention your concerts and album.

If you’re the copyright owner, it’s fairly easy to get a video taken down or have the ads send money to @jimipresley. About three clicks.

I’d even help him get it on track.


Helpful Marco as always :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Let’s see what @jimipresley has to say. I agree that the YouTube monitization route has potential, especially if there are people willing to help!