My only gmail letdown

gmail is awesome,so much so that i redirected my 3 email addresses to that inbox

the only letdown i’ve encountered is that clicking my mouse wheel will not open the clicked email into a new tab (using firefox)

that feature of firefox does kick ass,it’s unfortunate that it’s not working for gmail,i have to use the “back” button after opening each emails… :frowning:

has anyone got around this?

The only way from inside Gmail I know is to right-click and it gives you the option to open it in an IE tab (assuming you’ve got the IE tab add-on). I just open it in the same page and use the back button coz I hate IE.

But, I’ve just discovered that if you have a Google personalised homepage, and have it display Gmail on there, you can make it open it in a new FF tab. I haven’t really tried it yet though, only tested it just now because I thought of it after I started typing this reply.

I believe if you hold shift while left clicking the email, it opens in a new window~??

awesome,thanks! :slight_smile: