My own pet project: a.k.a the Caterpillar Quest

I know this is a vast departure from the other furry, warm-blooded posts in this forum, but I do hope it still fits the “other animals” category.

Basically, I’m looking to try and identify a caterpillar (3, actually) that were found in my aunt’s rooftop garden. If anyone’s got any IDing sites or such that I could peruse, that would be great! Something along the lines of… Taiwanese Sphingidae moths and caterpillars, with complete and clear visual aids of each life cycle. And their preferred host plants. With pictures.

link to above image, if the img tag doesn’t work.

I’ve also started compiling all of the bugs I’ve shot into their own album, so any professional entomologists looking for something fun to do are welcome to help me ID them.