My plane arrives Sunday night at 9pm + .. Recs, help pls

Hi, I will arrive by plane to the Taipei main airport (forgot name) after 9pm, not including customs and baggage. I already bought and have the ticket.

I’ve been two times in 2004 and both times I remember the very convenient and basically comfortable full size buses that took me to Taipei Main Train Station for what was it, about $100 Taiwan dollars (maybe $3 US). I think the company name was “King” something or other, but don’t quote that.

Do those buses run all night, especially weekends? If not, good alternative? I need to keep expenses down as much as possible. If that bus isn’t running (what time stop), what other option? How much would a taxi cost for about the same trip? Or does the airport have even basic cots to lay down on until morning buses start up? Anyways thanks.

There’ll still be plenty busses when you get through arrivals.

And if there isn’t, taxis can be negotiated for around 1000nt to Taipei, IIRC.

Bus schedule: … ipei_e.jsp

There’s also a tourist info centre there to help you.

I believe the bus stops running at around 1:30 or even 1 am. You can take a taxi for around 1000 or try to get a ride in a supercharged big black mercedes for the same or cheaper. Wooo Hoooo! welcome to Taiwan!!

You’re looking for Kuo Kuang bus line. No problem getting those at that time. They’re NTD 125 now. Inflation :wink:

When you get off at the train station a taxi driver will take you wherever you want to go for seven billion NT dollars. If you have a lot of luggage or just can’t be fagged with that, a taxi to Taipei without negotiation from the rank would be about NT$1300. As posted above, you can accept a ride from some guy in the terminal who will take you into town in his motorized outside toilet for about NT$1k.

If you get the bus (no bad option really) insist the parasitic little fuckers that surround the bus when it drops you off in Taipei use the meter. Or walk five minutes in any direction and flag a cab in the street.