My (Positive) Experience with Sean the Dog Whisperer

I’d like to thank Sean for coming out to our place and helping us with our dog Skippy, and teaching us how to eliminate the issues we had with him and other dogs in the area fighting.

We live up in the hills, and most residents around us have at least three dogs. We had had several situations where Skippy had gotten into fights on walks, to the point I was not comfortable walking him when the kids were with me, and my husband didn’t want to take him jogging. I always pretty nervous taking him to places where we would encounter other dogs. A friend suggested I talk to Sean, and I ended up hiring him to come over and help us out.

The first time Sean came out here, he showed me how to implement the material on dog ownership he had posted on his blog Then, we set out on our walk. The neighbors’ dogs did come out to see us, and Sean noticed that is was Skippy that was more of an issue than the neighbors’ dogs. Sean showed me how to keep Skippy in a position and emotional state that would prevent all the raucous we had been causing in the past. We met three lots of neighbors’ dogs, including one “vicious” pack at the top of a hill. They didn’t really even come near us that day. Sean decided we should take the first neighbor’s dogs for a walk with Skippy. I wasn’t sure how the neighbors would respond to that but they were quite happy. So, Skippy and Toppy went for a walk! It’s hard to believe that the dogs that had been fighting everyday for months could suddenly be on the ends of leads, in my hand, walking together quite happily. It was a huge turnaround from the past, that’s for sure.

I continued practicing what Sean had shown me, and Skippy has done really well with potentially rough situations since then. My husband was still having issues with the pack at the top of the hill, and Sean kindly came out again to see how we could change things there. Again, they took one of the dogs in the pack for a walk together (if they travel together, dogs become a pack on a common mission), and Sean showed my husband how his demeanor could impact the whole situation. We have really successful walks since then, and Skippy is now a pleasure to live with rather than a worry.

It’s really true that for change to happen, we have to change our behavior, as the dog is only taking our lead. I can see that very clearly with our dog. In addition, our kids have learned a lot from Sean about dealing with dogs particularly in packs, and they are more confident when walking in our area.

If you are having dog issues, I really recommend getting Sean round to help you. It can improve the relationship you have with your dog tremendously, and make pet ownership the pleasure it’s supposed to be.

Many thanks for the feedback, asiababy! So glad that you took everything on board and made all the necessary changes to bring about lasting results in Skippy—and it was great to have him visit our sanctuary and meet the dozen or so big dogs here in such a happy and relaxed manner all by himself.

To anyone reading this, you will be amazed at the immediate difference pack leadership can make to your dog’s behaviour, and that’s why I offer a guarantee: that if you don’t see a huge, positive change in your dog within that lesson, you pay nothing. You should also be aware that if you want to enjoy continued success in overcoming your dog’s issues, it all comes down to you—our biggest success stories, like asiababy’s, occur when the person realises that they need to take on board the advice given and change their own behaviour in order to bring about positive change in their dog’s. And that means little more than demonstrating calm, assertive leadership at key moments and saving the affection for the right moments too.

If you would like to book a session for me to come and show you how to change your dog for the better, call me on 0920 620 109 or email me at s e a n i m a l s @ g m a i l . c o m.

I fix severe behavioural issues such as aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, and obsession, but I also strongly advise you learning obedience training to teach your dog how to sit, stay, drop it, and come when called at the very least. You can easily read online how to do this, and it is far more effective when you teach your dog obedience after a consultation with me, as your dog will pay far more attention to you after you have mastered pack leadership—and for most people, you will be well on the way after that one lesson.

I look forward to meeting you and your dogs.

Seán McCormack