My Power Bill is 3x the amount!? Summer Rates suspended?

My Power Bill is 10,500! Wow. Usually it’s less than 3000.
The third-level alert was extended to 7/26. In order to reduce the burden on the people, the government announced on the 24th of last month that residential users would temporarily not implement summer-month electricity prices in June.
So what gives? Why did I still get charged summer rates? I mean school was canceled and my teens have been home. Of course AC is being turned on more. :sob: Help.


Rate is different from total consumption. How do you know what rate you’re being charged? Did you check the bill? Your total consumption could still be high with the low rate.

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The other thing is if the meter is shared with other residents. That tends to make the rate go way up.

Do they actually do that anywhere outside shared apartments?

Its seems summer rates are 2.38 according to Taiwan Powers website. My bill says 2.38. Am I reading it wrong?

What are the ordinary rates? It looks like your rates were assessed on a kilowatt scale of twice that of the summer rates.

Link to rates

Here are the rates. I’m not really familiar with reading the calculations. If I have to I’ll visit the customer service center but the bill is in my landlords name. Just trying to figure this out. Thanks for the help everyone :+1:

Does that say you used 2609 kWhrs this billing period - so even at non-summer rates, you’d be looking at around 9500nt, right?

ETA: you were billed at summer rates for 31 days (out of the 57) and non-summer rates for the other 26. The summer rates aren’t 3x higher than off-season, the bigger factor is the usage.

Those certainly do seem to be the summer numbers! Oh the kilowatt numbers are doubled because it’s for 2 months. It’s unlikely to be a mistake I’d say, I’d call and try to find out.

Ok I’ll try to call. Hopefully they’ll talk to me even if it’s in the landlords name

Here’s a link to the article stating summer rates were indeed suspended.

Can happen if your unit is an illegal structure.

So I went to the Taiwan Power Service Center. They confirmed I was indeed charged the Summer rates. The system didn’t change it in time, because the suspension of the summer rates hit within the billing cycle. They took my bill and said they would “readjust” and mail me a new bill. They’ll also extended the payment date for the inconvenience. :+1: They said customers who don’t come in to the service center will be credited the difference on their next bill. The customer service lady was very nice and took her time to explain everything.


Good. So no need to do anything, correct? The system should take care of it.

I did ask, “if people don’t catch the error would the credit be automatically applied?” She said, “I don’t know but we’ll adjust yours.”

Another interesting read :flushed:

Just checked my bill and I was also charged 24 days for the summer rate. I didn’t notice this before I paid it. I’ll call and ask them about getting a credit on the next bill.

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And now no COVID discount!

you’d think they would give people a electric price cut with the covid situation.

Seriously. Especially since school, daycare, and indoor dining was canceled. Of course more people are in their homes.

They did last year 30%