My Real Concerns


This isn’t new, but been it’s been more and more on my mind lately. While I worry about rising gas prices (at around $4/gal now) and still get annoyed about why at my local Whole Foods the oat milk is always out of stock (or 2020):

Or, how at any moment we could discover that a giant meteor or asteroid is heading straight at us.


Don’t worry about things you can’t change , peace.:confused:

Probably not the :comet: thing, but AI could become a very real threat, and sooner than we think. And that would be a self-inflicted harm. We really need to start a World AI Ethics Council, ASAP. Yesterday would’ve been too late, but at least today is better late than never.


More reasons why I would not move to California. Gas taxes and regulations that costs more for suppliers to comply with leave you with a much higher gas price than most states. Democrats love taxes and regulations that cost their constituents more but somehow they just keep voting for them. It like less than 3 in Texas.

Have no fear, 4 is still so cheap. Cheaper than almost every country in the world. In Europe we pay around 7 per gallon after gallon to liter conversions.


from AAA this week for gas prices:

The nation’s top 10 least expensive markets are: Alabama ($2.50), Mississippi ($2.51), Louisiana ($2.53), South Carolina ($2.53), Arkansas ($2.53), Texas ($2.57), Oklahoma ($2.59), Missouri ($2.59), Virginia ($2.60) and Tennessee ($2.60).

The nation’s top 10 most expensive markets are: California ($4.03), Hawaii ($3.59),Washington ($3.46), Oregon ($3.36), Nevada ($3.34), Alaska ($3.26), Arizona ($3.04), Pennsylvania ($2.98), Illinois ($2.98) and Idaho ($2.92).

You chose California for your job (entertainment industry).
You can choose to either video-commute to work from a state in the cheap group, or push your firm if you can to produce films/shows there.

I don’t worry about AI, as I see it has its limits. Look at something as simple as google translate. It is never ever even close to 75% right when pasting sentences or paragraphs.
There’s a reason Amazon is spying with real workers through Alexa, because the computer cannot understand all accents, situations, etc.


Sigh. Yeah remember when you said somewhere “pick your poison”?

Making rent and filling my gas tank is definitely a daily concern for me. But come on our planet is being destroyed! And we’re fast tracking that. We allow corporations to become “too big to fail,” so they run rampant with no disregard. I’m a business owner so I do support not having the government look over our shoulders every day. But to an extent, there has to be actual, serious repercussions for huge conglomerates who think they can just profit off the backs of the hard working average Joe/Jane, crushing them with debt and get away with it scot-free. To reward them with even more tax breaks is like handing your own murderer with an extra clip of ammo. Like what?

If there’s no Earth, nothing else matters. And the fact that the Republicans are such deniers is the biggest poison for me and for a lot of constituents who don’t vote for the GOP (are they too dumb, or just so malicious that they don’t care? Not sure which one is worse).

But personally I also think being in such a deep blue or deep red state such as CA and TX allows us, as individuals, the freedom to vote on the subtleties of our beliefs. Like I get to not vote for the Democrats, and I get to vote for third parties. Some might call that throwing away my vote, but I call it voting my conscience, doing what I can as an individual, and being able to exercise my freedom to not get tied down by the silly two party system.


Oh man. If you just look at how fast we’re advancing, though. It hasn’t been a steady, consistent line. It’s a steep multiplying curve. Just look at how fast civilization has advanced alone in the last 70 years, compared to say, the entire 1st-5th centuries combined.


So is the average joe/Jane getting crushed into debt by the government regulations and taxes in California or big conglomerates?

I know that’s what they say in the California echo chamber. I’ve lived in northern Cali and spend many summers in LA. But you might be surprised to know most Republicans believe in climate change. If you want to blame why there’s not real action, probably look at the Dems with their awful plans like the green new deal and with their end of the world predictions in 12 years.

For most people, it’s hard to care about climate change when they live check to check. Especially since almost every single plan the dem makes up ends up raising taxes dramatically. Why you pay almost double every other state in gas.

Perhaps give the republicans running in your area a chance and listen to what they have to say next voting season. Maybe they will surprise you. It’s not a secret why Californians are fleeing to my home state of Texas like never before.

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Big banks. Big oil (including foreign). Big Pharma.

You might be surprised to know I watch Fox News. They do not. They mock it, even. At least not mainstream ones.

They admitted it was idealistic and just a goal, and won’t probably be realistically, 100% fully achievable. But even if we do and achieve just half or a third of those environmentally conscious actions it is still vastly better than nothing.

Scientists are warning us and have been for years. That’s actually what I care more about. I don’t give a shit about ANY politician’s plans unless it’s heavily guided and backed by the real scientific community.

Yeah there will no check if there are no businesses because the Earth is a wasteland. Cars are melting in Arizona. Hurricanes, blizzards and bomb cyclones all across the eastern boarder to the Midwest.

And have you caught any of the footage of the devastating, wildfires in Cali? It’s of historical proportions. The effects of us abusing our own planet is hitting back on us in a way that’s very real and very threatening to our lives and our homes. Imagine driving to work in the morning and to both sides of the freeway are roaring, spitting fires that engulf the entire sky with suffocating black smoke. People lost their homes. It literally looks and feels like hell on Earth.

Republicans are already in charge of my federal agencies. They are doing an awful job, and in some cases even actively sabotaging, like installing the worst person the be in charge of the EPA.

Like I said, I get my news from all sides. If available, I prefer to even get my info from respected foreign media outlets, to get their (slightly) less propaganda-tinged perspective, from a distance. You should try it out.


How are they crushing the average person.

I get my news from all sources. You can find me blasting Fox News on here. I’ve made entire threads. You’d probably be surprised I’ve voted almost all Democrats and supported them mostly until maybe 2 years ago. My first vote was for Obama which I now greatly regret. Don’t think I’m the unchangeable propaganda watching sheep. How many people can say they flipped political stances and even go from a entire trump bashing thread to supporting him. Have you ever voted for a Republican Candidate?


Perhaps you should tell the people in Hollywood to not build ridiculous homes in places that shouldn’t be built? How does global warming cause wildfires? Wildfires has always happened. Bad planning and people have made it worse. You cant directly attribute wildfires to climate change.


Ugh. He never impressed me from the get go. I know why you voted for him since a lot of my peers were also enamored by him, but I saw through that facade right from the start.

Yeah, not surprised. You’ve been repeating that everywhere on Forumosa.

If it were Jeb I would’ve been more ok, actually.



So no. But I guess I’m the pragagada watching sheep. Ok.

They just keep coming every year. I used to want to move to La and NY. Had made plans to move to LA 3 years ago and did a calculation of the costs lol. No way. If I move back, will be back to the lone star state.


How did I know you would just pick out the rich people? I don’t feel sorry for them, btw. I know a lot of middle class and lower middle class people who were directly affected.

Of these proportions, and worsening conditions? Yes. Also you failed to address the other disasters and natural crisis across the nation. Yes nature is always unpredictable, but science has proven we are making it way worse, and at a rate that you should honestly take more seriously.


That’s your conjecture. Who I’ve personally voted for is my own business.


Yeah, it’s somewhat of a thing. Austin is awesome.


I’m saying, when you build Homes on land that are more likely to suffer from wildfires…it becomes more devastating. A lot of bad urban planning built communities and homes in places that are at risk. It’s like saying the ocean storms are getting more devastating when you keep sending ships into them.

Did you get that from multiple news sources as you claim? So weird since extreme weather hasn’t been getting more extreme, even less in some cases.


Are you even serious right now? Or trolling. I can’t tell.

Here’s two from NASA

Two from National Geographic

Scientific American

Two more from Harvard

Two more from Popular Science

(American) Washington Post

(British) BBC

Petition straight from the scientific community, including 30K+ scientists and 9,000+ of them with phDs


Ummm…I never said the earth is not warming. I do think humans attribute to the climate and have a moral obligation to take care of the earth. None of these articles countered my point of saying you’re incorrect to say look at all these more extreme devastating events.

And you yet to counter why I said the wildfire is more devastating. When you build homes where there will be more wildfire, they put them out instead of letting them burn the way it was supposed to happen so we don’t get one huge wildfire. When you then continue to build homes where there is going to be wildfires, you can use that as evidence of look how climate change is making wildfires more devastating. It’s like sending more ships into extrem storms and saying that’s evidence of more extrem weather from climate change. It’s faulty logic. Rather ridiculous.

And I’ve yet to hear how big pharma, banks and oil companies are crushing the average joe in California.

You know it’s possible to bring up different points that may disagree with what you’re saying without trolling? Or have we been stuck in that echo echo echo chamber for too long to remember what that’s like?


? This is worded in a way that’s tough to understand.

? What? It is.

First of all, it’s not just the wildfires. And there are a lot of lower middle class and people below the poverty line that live in California, who just don’t have the option of cherry picking where they want their dream houses. Did you even read the articles? Devastating hurricanes, extreme floods, bomb cyclones. Melting cars.

Across the nation. Follow the news.

Are you serious? There are some people who are less informed, or are slow to react, or have possessions and valuables that impact or impair their evacuation judgments. Wildfires can spread insanely fast, the regular folk often gravely misjudge the urgency. Or, people who apparently like you just don’t believe any of this will truly affect them. People have died because of that.

MEANWHILE, first responders are fighting not only to preserve what the less fortunate and non-rich people have, but also are above all fighting to save lives. And to have the nerve that you have to call those heroes who risk their lives to save civilians, children, ridiculous? In some cases they have lost their lives. I have firefighter and paramedic friends who have lost colleagues. They pay taxes, they have families. What those first responders are doing is so beyond selfless it’s not even funny. That’s disrespectful. Shame on you.