My school didn't pay me

I got stiffed for one months salary after a fight with my boss. I quit/ he fired me and has refused to pay. I don’t have a work permit so I guess I can’t do anything legally and would appreciate any advice on how to get that money. It is a whole english kindergarten using foreign teachers which is illegal so I’m thinking of reporting them but don’t know the repercussions for me. I will definitely do it before I leave in October though. Suggestions appreciated.

The best way to deal with this boss is go back to the school and tell him you are not leaving unil you get your pay. Bring a book. If he argues, just say “I’m not leaving until I get my pay”. Then sit down, make yourself comfortable and start reading. Whatever you do don’t leave. And don’t argue. Just sit there and keep repeating, I’ll be sitting right here until you pay me.

Be determined to sit there as long as it takes, but I bet you’ll have your money within one hour.

I’ve done this before on a few occasions here when I’ve needed something that someone doesn’t want to give me. They’ll try to convince you to leave and come back another time if they can. But if they know you’re just going to sit there, after a few minutes they’ll give you want you want just to get rid of you.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Good advice … and it’s not like they can call the police or anything if they’re operating an illegal kindergarten with illegal foreign teachers.

Yes, but I’m working here illegally. If I make a public fuss it may serve to get me bounced out of here, possibly with a big fine or something. But thanks for your input- I may end up doing that anyway.

Don’t they have a system here where you can get some form from the post office that pseudo-threatens a lawsuit? Just by declaring an intention to make things public could sway the boss.

And, erm, next time? Don’t argue. Agree and walk away. And smile. Don’t forget to smile.

You gotta play the game their way. Their court, their ball. Their rules.

They couldn’t do anything, cause they’d get a hefty fine for operating an illegal English kindergarten w/ illegal teachers, AND they’d lose all of their teachers in one swoop, which would mean the parents would all pull their children out in the same day. Or you could just stand outside of the door after school and start telling the parents that the school owner is dishonest for not giving you your last month’s pay … this would be particularly useful if the parents like(d) you. If they didn’t, then it prolly wouldn’t do much good.

tot, you are never going to get your money with that attitude. LB is right. If this guys operating an illegal kindergarten there’s no way he’s going to call the police on you. I’m not telling you to make a scene. Just go back to the school, have a seat at the front reception area and tell them you are not leaving until you get the pay that you earned. Then sit down and wait. DON’T LEAVE and DON’T ARGUE. You did the work, the boss WILL pay you. Don’t accept any other alternative.

If you follow my tactic tot, you’ll get your money. If you’re too scared to go back to the kindy to get the money that you earned, then you’ll only be able to blame yourself.

I wouldn’t necessarily be concerned that he would call the police. He might call someone else.

For those who may be interested: I went to the school the other day and the manager gave me an excuse and told me to give her time to prepare the money (knew this was horseshit) and call her in a couple of days. I left because I don’t want to do anything drastic (at least not until I’m 100 % sure I’ll never get the money anyways). I phoned my friend who still works there and he told me he hadn’t been paid this month- and they pay on the 5th. He’s coming up on payday again next week and hasn’t been paid for March yet. So it’s a matter of not having the money for the most part, I think. But this “face” (aka false pride and immaturity) thing here is keeping her from admitting it. I’ll let you know the rest when it happens.

tot, why don’t you listen to my advice? I told you they would try to get you to leave. They always tell you “in a couple of days”. If they can get you to leave you will NEVER get your money. You just go there, tell them you need your money and then have a seat. It’s definitely not drastic. It’s actually sooo easy! You could tell them your mom is sick and you need to send that money home to pay for her medical expenses. That may make them feel obligated to pay up. But the important step in getting your money is to go there and just don’t leave. Quietly and politely wait them out. You WILL succeed. I still bet that you’ll be out of there with your money in less than an hour.

Take this piece of advice from someone who has lived here for 3 years. Been there, done that and it works EVERY time.

If you don’t like the confrontation, you may call our office to help you to get your salary paid. We’ve done that for other buxiban teachers who have been screwed by unscrupulous owners.