My son's having trouble getting access to X-Box Live

Is there anyone out there who plays X-Box and makes use of the X-Box Live online service? If so, please contact me ASAP. My son’s had X-Box 360 for the past couple of years, and we’ve never been able to gain access to X-Box Live? I’d really appreciate it. My son is a native Chinese speaker and also understands English, so either is fine. He and I would both be very grateful for any help we can get!

Hi Matt, are you using a wireless or hardline? Is it the newer xbox 360, or the older version?

Hi there,

I use x-box live regularly - haven’t been on my x-box for the past week or so though, due to work commitments but haven’t seen any news of it being down. Let me know if you need help and i’ll see if i can assist!