My Taiwanese wife got removed from the Household registration due to more than 2 years abroad

We are living now in Germany for more than 2 years.
Today we found out that we had been removed from the household registration in our apartment.
Is this normal?

Yes. I know a cousin of my wife who married an Australian and moved there.
She also lost her HHR after two years.


Yes, this happened to someone I know recently as well.

Some countries do that.

I think it’s related to stopping people using the NHI?
Maybe…Maybe not.

That’s the rule.

You have to return and stay for 6 months to resume NHI.

Very interesting, and not nice. But what ARE the rules about APRC holders and living outside Taiwan? Did you tell the government (immigration) you were leaving for a while? And give a reason? My understanding is that if you “APPLY”, you can leave for two years and it won’t effect your HHR or anything else including NHI. After that, who knows? Presumably, your APRC/becomes invalid. I heard they are discussing allowing APRC holders leave of absence for up to five years.
If your HHR is your own property or family home, how could they take you off the register? is your APRC still valid? You better check it.

It’s normal to be removed from HHR after a period of time. The question is how long does it take to get back on it and access certain services.

If you have an APRC, you don’t have a HHR. APRC via work ARC is now valid for 5 years without being in Taiwan.

HHRs of Taiwanese who have left Taiwan for 2 years are moved out from the address, but they still have HHR, and when they return, they can move in immediately, as far as they have address to register their HHR. They should wait for NHI if they were not enrolled for a while and they are not employed.


Is that right. How interesting. Do you have to “apply” when you leave, or what? Yeah, I figure APRC via work ARC is the best status to have here in terms of flexibility. There’s always a catch somewhere though. I mean can you leave for 5 years straight and rock right back in no questions? If you keep your NHI payments up, you should be able to use NHI right away?

My family comes back every year or two to prevent HHR from being lost. For my dad it’s vital because he gets pensions that is lost if his HHR is gone.

Ok thanks!
The thing is that I had someone extent my ARC and he/she was told they could only give me one year since my wife was removed from the household registration.
We own the place by the way, so I was confused.
Will there be a problem getting everything back together when we come here for the next winter?
I hope so.

You lose HHR if you don’t enter Taiwan once every two years. One day turnaround visa run style is enough to maintain HHR. It’s easy to get it back though on return.

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It is a frequently asked question.
After having left Taiwan for two years and the household registration office has completed the compulsory move-out registration, how do I recover household registration?
Citizens who are absent from ROC for more than 2 years subject to “Moving-out Registration” Explanation of Related Rights


Useful to know. I would have said that even if you could stay outside 5 years on an APRC it makes sense to pop back once every two years just to keep flickering on the system; and indeed that is the case as far as HHR goes, and probably in other ways I would guess.@Hamletintaiwan Did you think about this? I understand Covid has probably made it difficult for you to return.

yes, but iirc, it is 5 years minus 1 day.

Yes, irc

Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals

Article 18

English version says more than 5 years, but iiuc, Chinese says 5 years or more.

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Is it 2 years outside of taiwan or does the country have anythung to do with time frames? Perhaps taiwan is pissed at the constant abuse it gets from Germany, so 2 years. If it were another country perhaps longer? Sounds like lot like residents status in many countries. 2 years seems fair to be honest, doctors still need to be able to rape the national health insurance system while lonely people still need to see a surgeon to get some social affection. God forbid people fly back to see the dentist every 5 years and bankrupt the system.

2 years outside Taiwan is the regulation.

Household Registration Act

Article 16

Those absent from ROC for 2 years and over shall be subject to Moving-out Registration. People meeting the following conditions are not applicable to the above provisions:

  1. A person who has been stationed overseas by government order or the family of such person.
  2. Working on an ROC oceangoing fishing ship.

An ROC national who departs from the country, but enters with no ROC passport or other entrance documents, though he or she is in the country, he or she is still considered having left the ROC for 2 years and over and shall be subject to Moving-out Registration.

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That’s clear enough, thanks. I’m wondering though, say you were outside for 5 years, popping back now and then, you couldn’t really do that indefinitely. Or could you? If you left for five years and came back how long would you then have to stay here before being able to leave again? I pose this simply as a theoretical question. My understanding is the APRC holders are supposed to remain here 183 days and pay taxes, or have money in the bank presumably.

iiuc, once you enter with your APEC, the timer is reset, so theoretically you can leave on the same day.