My temporary meal

I posted an open invite to other Forumosans to join me (and other Mosans) for dinner last night. The invite was for 7:30. By 6 something the invite had been flung into the bin. (Or ‘relocated in the Temporary Forum’).

Could not the moderator who moved this have waited until at least the meal had begun? Was there a reason for it to be moved to the Temporary Forum so hastily? A place where threads can’t be seen unless one logs in.

Of course, as most are when mod decisions go awry, Tom is a bit non-plussed by this happenstance. Why did it need to be temped so rapidly when : A) It was a genuine and honest dinner invite, B) The open forum is plainly littered with spurious ‘crap’ which never gets temped, so why this?

Let the usual offerings begin…


I am gutted, ended up having a curry (very nice) with my mum instead of coming to yours as I never saw the invite.

Maybe next time.

What forum did you post it in?

I saw the post this morning, nice initiative.

Tom, I think you’re getting offended unecessarily. Temp is not the bin. It’s the forum for things of only temporary importance, as the name implies. If I have something of only temporary importance to post about, I post it there, to save server space or work for moderators later on.

Yes, Temp is also used for offtopic or silly stuff. But people still read it, so your serious post will still get attention.

So how was the meal?

I think his beef was that the temp forum is only viewable for people who are logged in, if I understand it correctly.

I could understand if it’d been temped after 7:30, once everything had started, but why could it not stay in the Events forum (IIRC)? People don’t go to Temp looking for event information.

It wasn’t in the events forum as fas as I know. It’d be an extreme case to temp something from events so rapidly.

On that note, if you do want to post casual get togethers such as these PLEASE DO post them in events. I’ll look after it until it’s over with.

It’s good to keep all the social happenings in one place such as events, so it’s just a click away to find out what is going on.

Sorry, Tom - t’was me. If you had posted a little more in advance, the events forum might have been the appropriate place. Open definitely wasn’t. As you stated in your post, you didn’t know where to post it, so I moved it for you. And being as you posted right before your scheduled dinner, the temporary forum was absolutely appropriate. This was a very ephemeral invitation. I did this myself for my Sunday brunch last week, and in that case I posted more than a day before the event, not two hours before hand, so it’s not a double standard, or a personal persecution of TomHill. The temporary forum isn’t just the garbage bin. You have to embrace the temp forum for the fleeting pleasure it can provide. It isn’t a permanent archive of hastily arranged rendezvous, but a note on a cyber chalkboard.

Anyway, I didn’t move your post to piss you off - no hard feelings, I hope.

Best Regards,

Anthony van Dyck

Well, shucks, the meal was arranged at 4pm that day, and so I posted an impromptu invite for people. My specific points are:

  1. No matter how wonderful the temporary forum is, you need to be logged in to go to that forum. The lazy and the lurker could not have access.

  2. Could you not have waited until AFTER the meal had started to put in in that wonderful, yet not 100% accessible, forum.

So the conclusions are:

  1. Give the mods plenty of time to read and process the content.
  2. Put it in the ‘events’ forum.

Edgar Allen, shame you couldn’t come, the pizza and company were spot on.

I will take this opportunity once again to say that it sucks not being able to see the temp forum. I would rather not log in on a regular basis and as a result, I miss reading what is often the most entertaining forum of all. So be it.

I think people check out the temp forum more often than they do the events forum. I peek in one every week or so to see if there’s anything I’m interested in putting into my diary. The other gets a swift view most days.

I agree it’s a pain that you have to be logged in to see temp, but I agree with the big Mao on this.

Maybe we should have a ‘chalkboard’?