My ten cents worth

Recently I got an odd looking coin back with my change. At fisrt glance it looks like NT$1 but closer examination reveals that it is in fact one jiao i.e. 10 cents. The date reads 38 which by my reckoning would be about 1949. Anyone seen one of these? Could it be worth something? worth more than 10cents perhaps.

Nope, I’ve only ever seen the five-jiao coins, which are still quite easy to get at the post office (just buy yourself 3 sheets of paper for those Post Office Registered Evidence Letters, and they’ll give you one in change). Sounds cool though!

Seen them lots of times. They are worth 10 cents.


I have a little collection of coins I’ve been given over the years in Taiwan instead of real change, such as amusement arcade tokens, Thai coins that look like 50NT coins but are slightly smaller, HK coins etc.

Now I always study the handful of change I get, from street vendors especially, to see if they are trying to offload some mickey mouse tokens.

For those who are curious, a Philippine sentimo (1/100th of a Philippine peso) is the same size and close to the same color as a NT$1 coin, but is only worth NT$0.006. I know because I almost gave one by accident when paying bus fare this afternoon. :blush:

I always get the coins from mainland China which look like the NT$10 one. Must be from a cab driver.
And I always get “caught” when I try to use it.