My terrible story- scam private detective

If anyone has come into contact with a James Wu (Wu Chia Sheng), previously of UIC Detective Agency (among the largest PI Agencies in Taiwan), you should stay well away from him.

I have learnt from my terrible experience with him that his a scam artist (a very smooth and convincing one at that) who is deliberately targeting the foreign community in Taiwan.

In my case he took advantage of my painful and desperate situation (my Taiwanese wife took our two year old son away from me, and for the last seven months has refused to let me see him- the matter is currently going through the courts), and took me for a very large amount of money, spinning a web of lies over a large period of time. He made up some incredible stories about my wife and her so called contacts in the mafia and even politicians, in order to push me to the edge and tried on several occasions to make me agree to desperate measures against my wife (you can guess what I am talking about).

The worst things is not that much of my savings have been taken by this man, but that he preyed on my emotions by pretending to be a genuinely caring person (difficult to find in Taiwan, right ?) who understood the pain I was going through not being able to see my little boy, and sent me several long e-mails daily. Some of his e-mails were hopeful and positive, some were dark and desperate, but all were lies, it was all a very clever plan to manipulate my emotions and drive me to the edge. Luckily I am strong and came through it.

I am also pretty sure that at the same time, he was actually assisting my wife and feeding information to her, no doubt for for more money. My wife snatched my son from me with the help of some gangster types, and I have suspicions he was involved in that too.

He describes himself as an ex military policeman, with extensive links in the police and courts but it is all lies, he is simply a very smooth and convincing criminal. His websites are below, and he is still using the UIC logo (he only worked there for two years and left at the same time as his boss, who it seems he got involved in his scam operations).

If any of you have had any experience with this man, or know anyone that has, please let me know.

Further to my previous post:

James Wu and his associates have just set up a new business, Primavera International, website . He now has at least three different companies.

Basically, all the private detective agencies in Taiwan with English websites are owned by James Wu or his partners-in-crime.

We have now started a website on this to warn potential victims of James Wu:

Thanks so much for the info. on this guy. Perhaps you can continue to be involved in the community for the simple purpose of keeping people informed on this guy.