My Thoughts About Taiwan After 1.5 Years


I think that’s the hammer on the nails head. Family comes first here, usually to the exclusion of friends and others. Foreigners are the lowest priority on the totem pole.

I think married foreigners tend to be a lot happier here imo


You also stated 18mos ago:

"I own a Hong Kong company. I don’t pay taxes on the company itself, but I pay it through my income taxes.

I plan on settling in Taiwan. Here, I will learn Chinese and I will open a second small business soon, as a partnership with other two people. I am planning on getting my ARC and I am pushing for long term residency. The partnership above is with one Taiwanese citizen and another alien."

So, what happened between the “open a small business” and “not worked a single day”?

Conflicting information. Any other color?


I’ve lived in a country where I was miserable. When I tried to let people know how I felt, I got all kinds of analysis. (The one I hated the most was that I went there expecting too much and what I was going through was a let down from that, which wasn’t true at all because I went there not expecting much.)

I eventually left. And that wasn’t easy because I had good friends there, a good job, etc. I went back to the US. But that didn’t work for me, either. I’m in Taiwan and very satisfied with things. But I’m an older person and I like the safety (for the family), and I like the job security (for the family and for my retirement which I’m preparing for), and I like the predictability (getting old, I guess).

I hope you find a place that suits you because I know very well how miserable it can be when the place you’re living isn’t a match.


Overrated in what category? What were you expecting exactly?


it sounds like you think taiwan doesn’t have much going on because there isn’t many foreigners here. thats all i can think of if you prefer the phillipenes and thailand anyway. i’m just guessing. because theres not a lot going on here. in what way do you mean there is not?
i think taiwan would be better if it did have more foreigners indeed, if it was a bit more opened up.

but i don’t find it boring here at all. nor shallow. i could see how someone with no interest in language, culture and history would think that though. if you only understand about a place on a surface level it makes sense that you would think the place is shallow.


This is the answer. Until very recently tourism has been of virtually zero importance to the Taiwanese economy. You’re not going to get magic mushroom milkshakes and 24 hour parties under the moon. I’d go so far as to argue that entertainment and hobbies are both fairly recent developments.

I dunno. Taiwan gives me what I want, but then I’m almost 50. If I want something else I go on holiday.


Yes and still very low. Wikipedia says:

Thailand tourism share of GDP ~20%
Global average ~9%
Taiwan 2%




I felt the same way the first time I went off to summer camp for ten days in middle school.

It all felt so so empty and strange and i just wanted to go home… then when i was home. i was like… WOW that camp was pretty cool actually.

I think you will be back to visit the rock. But don’t stay too long because they say those that stay past 3 years stay 10 and those that stay 10 are in danger of staying 30.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyway say to me ‘you lucky sod you live in Taiwan’.


Ouch, too real :grin:



Sometimes it’s revealing and fun to dig a poster’s background, isn’t it?


F***, I should leave.


I remember reading at least one similar post on taiwan by a long term traveler recently (6 months or so). So, it is not only you that feel like that on taiwan.


I wonder who bigged up Taiwan to the OP? I first came here to be with my now wife and my expectations were of a huge Made in Taiwan industrial estate - of which there are a few. I was pleasantly surprised to find mountains and stuff.


When I can the place was well known for rubbish dumps with sea views I.e. beaches.


Especially stuff, in the mountains. Dumped by people.


I came here expecting to live in a James Clavell novel. Still haven’t sized out my white linen suit or fedora yet.


1.5 years without working and being able to speak the local language? You would feel frustrated and lonely in most countries in the world.

As said another poster above, it looks like the condition for you to be happy was to meet western people who can speak English. Then why bother moving to Taiwan in the first place?


I’m surprised you managed to stay 1.5 years without any real structure before you got bored! If you wanted to meet people, why didn’t you volunteer or join a class or something? I don’t think there’s any small country in the world where you could just be a “tourist” for over a year and expect to meet lots of new friends, especially without knowing the language…

Taiwan isn’t the most exciting place for sure, but I bet it would have been better if you signed up to do something you enjoyed and met people through some common activity.

Safe travels though, I hope you find what you’re looking for in your next journey.