My Thoughts About Taiwan After 1.5 Years


Maybe OP has conservative Asian parents that instilled certain values :wink:


Like being perpetually unemployed?


Hang on, which OP we talkin’ about?


I was referring to the thread linked by @slawa

So not this thread’s OP :grin:




My guess is that she was referring to this (and that the phrase “white devils” was irony):


Apologising about throwing a banana skin to a whole nation .

It doesn’t get more bizarre than that.


Today there were a bunch of wax apples that had fallen off a tree down by the river. I picked one up, smelled it, and then made the impulsive and unwise decision to throw it into the river, thinking maybe the fish would like a nibble. This was in full view of a busy bridge. As soon as I saw that thing float down the river I was like, “that’s it, I’m fucked, I’ll be on facebook tonight and issuing my apology to the taiwanese people tomorrow”.


Get a lawyer.


Tomorrow news headline:
Foreigner steals fine produce, destroys it out of spite polluting the environment.


Farmers blame foreign thieves for high fruit prices


Foreigner frustrated with local language: in fit of rage throws apple and asks rhetorically why tones are needed at all


wax apples”.
I love them!! One of my top-2 favorite fruits in Taiwan, along with sugar apple.


Foreign Pervert Gropes Local "Fruit"


There are tones? :eek:


there, looks much better.


I also groped the riverside papaya, but is was more of an MRT public transportation type of grope.


OK, the papaya makes sense…


I’d hit that.


Ah, the infamous “papaya milk.” Delicious! I’m considering adding that to my beverage line.