My Thoughts About Taiwan After 1.5 Years


Go for the Double Papaya and give it a good shake.


Min of 20 years here, gotta pay off this big bloody apartment :smiley:


I actually have.


I have too, but my post mentioning it yesterday got tossed out for no good reason at all.


All our posts. We need to set up a mirror site that archives our witticisms before TPTB zapp them.


Right, well anyways, I said that I have had plenty of people tell me I’m lucky I live here, and they were all dudes who used to live here and moved back home.
See if it sticks this time, yeesh.


mine did too ?


Why did they leave if they would be so lucky as to live in Taiwan ?

Just platitudes ?


No, they were/are all fammed and jobbed up back home, bored out of their fuckin gourds and missing the shit out of Monkey Island.


So if they came back to Taiwan how would they be lucky unless they got divorced and left their kids behind.
Or they bring their kids and wife here.
What they are missing is their life when they were younger I’m guessing .

Then they would come here and realise how hard it is to make a dollar and you don’t have Amazon here and it’s 37c frikking degrees in the middle of the day.


I don’t know, man, Jeez, friggin ask them. I ain’t their friggin legal counsel.
You just said “nobody ever says that”, and I said “they do to me”.


I think you’re lucky for living in Taiwan. I’m desperate to go back and hopefully will later this year. I find threads like this amusing, because I don’t understand how anybody wouldn’t feel lucky surrounded by so many beautiful mountains and amazing cheap food, in a country where it’s so easy to make friends. Or maybe it’s just because I’m from England…


yeah but it’s fucking Taipei man. No city like it in the world. Snakes, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, eagles, stinky tofu, budaixi, binglangxishi, bubble tea, good coffee, friggin’ sanbeiji, all within the city limits.


I don’t actually have the heart to tell them it ain’t anywhere near as much fun as it used to be.


Like Koh Samui in the 70’s…


Things ain’t what they used to be.




Fair enough some people do say that.
Actually one or two people from Malaysia MAY have said I was lucky to live in Taiwan but I can’t recall clearly.

Otherwise…Striking a blank here even for folks I know who used to live here.


I never said a LOT of people, mind…


Volcanoes …Kind of .
Don’t forget frigging big earthquakes and floods too!

Plenty of fun stuff in Taiwan but sure there is fun stuff almost everywhere right.