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my topics don’t show up on the open forum board, why is that, moderators?

the whole point of an open forum is so we can post what we want. there aren’t regulations on what topics can be on an open forum. I don’t understand why they are being moved to the flounder forum. Anyways, it seems quite unfair to me.

Check the Flounder forum.

right, so why is it in the flounder forum-- isn’t it open forum?

[quote=“TT”]right, so why is it in the flounder forum-- isn’t it open forum?[/quote]No, the Open Forum is the Open Forum, but the Open Forum isn’t the open forum, the Flounder Forum is the open forum. Unfortunately someone thought your topics were too open for the Open forum. Simple.
Even the Open Forum has limits, it’s not as open as it used to be I guess.

I thought your topic was ok though.

Open Forum is for open discussion.

Flounder Forum is for topics that aren’t goping anywhere (floundering) or smell fishy.

Sometimes moderators move posts from one forum to another to keep forums focused, make things easier to find, and generally tidy things up.