My trip, my website

I had a great time motorcycling round central and south Taiwan.

I’ve nearly finished my website for the moment;
you can see the bit about my trip at;

Any comments or suggestions gratefully received.


Very nice. There are some great photos and I really like your map of the trip for each section. I haven’t done a long cycle trip in years.
Time to change the oil, tune-up and head out. Thanks.

It’s good to see you back on Forumosa, too.

This is really nice. I was actually wishing to have accompanies like you along the road. Excellent articles. :slight_smile:

I am planning another exhaustive trip of touring all 319 towns and cities in Taiwan on a motorbike and document the lives of local people by using “moblogging” technology and publish to the web. Wondering whether I can invite you to ride along some roads?

Sounds great, Schee. It seems from your website that you’re planning to go in August. Let me know when, exactly. I’m sending you my cellphone number by private message.

I like your website, and your photos are beautiful. I couldn’t find any photos of you or your bike, however. What bike do you ride?