My whining cat

He’s a well cared for cat, doted on by my wife and I for the most part, but god does he whine a lot. You know the meow meow meow for an hour on end, with that cute open mouth face that is cute and irritating at the same time. He meows now even when I play with him and pat him. He just gets so needy every now and again,and while we give him attention he also has a fickle personality and the attention has to be given his way. Which is, I have to chase him down the hallway until he falls down at my feet - oop, did I just fall down, of well, I guess you can pat me then. Or now, he has changed his tactics and runs under the coffee table and lies on a grey blanket. I then pull the blanket out and play with him. Why the hell he can’t be an ordinary cat and come and sit on my lap when he wants attention I don’t know.

All very funny stuff, but it gets annoying when I am cooking or sleeping or on the computer and he needs attention. During the night it’s really annoying. He goes under the bed and cries for attention. We try to call him out to jump on the bed so we can pat him but NOOO!, he wants us to get out of bed.

Anyway, is there anyway to train him to be a little less needy or to accept that I can’t play with him 24 hours a day?

BTW, he has a sister. He is in good health. He is fixed. His name is Paolo and I’m not Italian. Could that be the problem?

I so want to be able to offer advice here, but I can’t, because my cat is a little similar. She always comes to meet at the gate when I come home, but sometimes she won’t follow me in, but instead will sit outside the community area crying like I’ve left her to die or something. It doesn’t stop until I go back and ask her to come in. It’s definitely just for attentiom. Sweet, but annoying for the neighbours perhaps.

So, please, can someone answer Muzha Man’s post?! :s

So your cat likes to talk. It’s funny because my younger cat does the same thing but luckily not when I’m sleeping.

She likes to be chased around the house and she has her falling down area(kitchen and cat post) where she just rolls over on her back to be petted.

The other cat we have used to wake us up every morning. It would meow non-stop and ponce on and off the bed rapidly knowing it would wake us up.

I solved the problem by teaching the cat a simple word. “NO”. The cat never wakes us up anymore. Cats understand what NO means and they also have to respect at least one thing in your house. Your sleep time. I always told my wife I can’t go to work and pay for the cat food if it won’t let me sleep. So the cat either shuts up or has to deal with an angry NO!

Instead of petting it when it wakes you up, get up and chase it around angrily, while saying NO loudly. I tried spraying water, isolating her in a separate room but the next day she would do it again. The NO really worked for me. Instead of positive attention, she gets chased down the house with NO! NO! NO! and when I finally catch her, I pet her backward. Basically I piss her off in my terms with the constant and repetitive NO! Within a week, I didn’t even have to get up anymore, I’d just say NO with a big voice and she would give up. By now she gave up altogether.

As far as controlling her whining when you are not sleeping, I’m not sure what to do. I never restricted my cat from talking during the day, I like vocal cats but I’ve noticed that a firm NO will keep her quiet for a bit even during the day since she was trained with that word to let us sleep.

Smart cat though, sometimes she just wants to play and I’m busy so I’ll say NO! Within minutes, she comes around and attacks my feet and bites my ankles. She than runs away and I know she’s laughing at me. I just know it. :laughing:

Just hurting for attention. :wink:

Good luck.