My wife wants a Christmas present


I know for sure my wife will nag, even although she is Taiwanese and not Christian, if I don’t buy her something for Christmas,

Any suggestions that doesn’t bankrupt me ?

Budget is under 100k, but preferably far lower

And please, specifics, and I don’t want suggestions like “buy her a bag” as then I still need to go and find the “correct” bag


What are her hobbies ? Does she like anything in particular? Is she into following the trends ?


Yes, please tell us more about her interests; otherwise it’s hard to even start.

Possibilities range from a book she would like all the way to a romantic vacation.


I can be her present?

Or two nights at the W Hotel, Spa, Gym …


USD3,240.72 for a Christmas present?!!! If I spent that, my wife would divorce me.


Well off people don’t care about budget.

Most people get socks or underwear.


It’s hot springs season. Spend a few days together at the Royal Hotel in Jiaoxi.


For over 3 k you can buy a really nice LV bag!! The neonoé is gorgeous and half your budget. Or if you are going for a bag that is really popular right now you can go for the black Celine black drummed leather bag, it’s gorgeous.


Hobbies are me, yoga and overseas trips

But I already pay for pure yoga in Zhongxiao fuxing, nice apartment and overseas trip a few times per year.

All too much I think

Anyway, I just want something like go here buy that go home and give it to her



Waterproof tennis shoes, like Vessi or Geox, perfect for Taiwan weather


I’d go for that LV bag if she like those kind of things. I just got mine and I love it! Otherwise you can also walk in the LV store and get her one of their scarves, they have all kinds of colors and designs, I personally think their monogrammed ones are quite nice, also not too high priced


Hmm, okay.

So, I actually rather not buy some bag.

I do appreciate the suggestions but I rather not buy stuff one doesn’t need


Where did you get that photo of me?
Also, the thread I made last week has a suggestion


What could she possibly need that’s 100k NTD?

You sound frugal when you dismiss a (comparatively cheap) Louie Vuitton bag as something she doesn’t need, and yet your Christmas shopping budget would bankrupt most of the people browsing this thread. It’s all a bit perplexing. :man_shrugging:


I can’t really suggest much more. You have listed her three interests but already stated that she gets that from you regularly, you also don’t seem to want to spend much time finding the gift so what comes natural to suggest to buy to a lady is a bag or a luxury itemn.
If you want people to give you advices that actually might be helpful you must give some insight of things she actually likes.


I don’t mind spending money on something that makes sense, but a bag does not.

So, if there was some super good idea that cost a bit more I could do it. But, so far it’s only been handbags which make 0 sense to me.


You’re a man, it doesn’t need to make sense to you lol


Anything she would want but wouldn’t buy for herself?


Buy her a Nice TV, you both can use it.