My wife wants a Christmas present


That sounds dangerously close to this:


Bigger calves?


As Lileth and Hanna149 have noted, the best gift for someone who has everything is an experience not a thing.


There is a very trendy yoga gear place in Huashan. Maybe they have gift certificates? Or you can try and get her some cool gear.

For traveling, packing accessories or cool useful gadgets. I can recommend a couple of stores near Taipei Main Station or in Xindian.

A fancy watch/ handmade piece of jewelry like a necklace or bracelet? Something she can show off.

A hand made postcard telling her all the little things that make your heart go pittypat.


While I agree with the sentiment that a luxury bag would make a lovely present, him choosing it is problematic. Any kind of female accessories not chosen by the end user could be a recipe for disaster.


Just make sure they’re exchangable!


… nope. Better not say anything.


She is a lucky girl!


This is really more appropriate for Valentines Day, but why not:

(1) Buy a box of chocolates. Take out the chocolates, and put them in the refrigerator. You may need them later.

(2) Place little pieces of broccoli into the squares of the chocolate box.

(3) Give to girlfriend. When she expresses confusion, explain that you thought she was probably trying to lose weight.

(4) Duck to avoid flying box of broccoli.


Buy her a green bag.


How about an Camera? Recommendations are
Canon EOS 6D MK II
Olympus OMD EM 5 MK II

Canon is a little more user-friendly, Olympus got the looks and is more compact.


I’d up the budget and get her a Patek Philippe Twenty~4…


You can’t go wrong with a nice string of pearls…:whistle:


I would stay away from appliances for cleaning and cooking! Ditto for things that you would buy for yourself. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Pearls are nice, too.


in that case, why don’t you ask her?

I’d buy what I need by myself. I’d be happy if I get something that I don’t need but I want/like.


Lol at the camera suggestions . I will offer a good price one month later and take them off your hands .


Thanks Morran01, stories like this make me love my wife that much more.

My wife would “nag” me relentlessly if I bought her a gift for some fictional character’s birthday. She’d assume I was guilty of something. Luckily, she is satisfied with the vacuum and washing machine I bought for her for at least another year.


How about a nice bottle of whisky? It empties over time, so doesn’t clog up your apartment.


That’s what Bezos or Musk say when they launch a rocket.


That’s what I say when I buy Cryptocurrencies.