My wife wants a Christmas present


What do you say when you lose when selling?


Simple, I never sell :slight_smile:
It’s a bit like firing those rockets into space, some of them might come back. Just don’t look too hard.


Jesus, I just went to sogo to get something quick.

But wtf, what’s up with the price

Rant over, no presents this Christmas


Buy her bose sports wireless head phones since she likes to work out.



Still, you are so dead.


you had a budget of NT$100,000 and didn’t buy anything at SOGO?
you are in deep :poop:


From 100k to zero in 8 days. Well, it’s the thought that counts.


Plenty of nice 100k things in Sogo. Maybe you can show this thread to your wife, and she will be happy you wanted to blow 100k in her gift. Except you didn’t…


Just give her the time if her life tonight, wink wink…or make it an all day thing. It’s the gift the gives back too!

All joking aside…keeping that flame Alive throughout marriage can be challenging. Don’t forget it goes beyond material gifts. Do more FOR her and you will be doing you both a great favor for your relationship.


Just tell her only Christians get Christmas presents. Problem solved.


Presuming that the OP is in the dog house round about now how about buying her one of those expensive unisex perfumes as a new years gift. It can double as a colon for the OP.


Give her the ultimate gift of salvation as share the testament of truth from Christ. Like what Christmas is actually about. And no, there’s lots of evidence to say it’s not actually a pagan holiday adopted like common belief now a days.


I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s a misspelling of cologne. :grin:


But it makes more scents to write it in simplified

Thats why I prefer to say colon


Like a Taipei gutter on a hot summer day. :sunglasses:


Hmm i think that is the cheap 0NT stuff… Like Darling you want a Christmas present, pull my finger!



/scratches Andrew off Christmas list/

Just joking, I’m sure that’s good too


Curious what you ended up getting her?

As stocking stuffers, sure.


Didn’t buy anything.

I was pressed on time so I thought I’ll just get her a coat real quick from Max Mara(which I knew she wanted), but the ones they had in stock were between 230-260k :roll_eyes: