My wonderful landlords

Last week, everything in my house blew up. All the wiring. The refrigerator motor/fan died. The TV broke, the bathroom light fitting broke.

The landlord had everything fixed within 3 days.

And I broke my desk chair. I was standing on it to try and fix the light fitting (yes, it had wheels, yes, of course I am that stupid). Was my landlord remotely pissed off that I’d destroyed something else? No. I found the landlord’s wife huffing up the stairs with an office chair and the landlord was carrying the old one down the stairs. They are in their 70s and have serious health problems. I almost fought with the guy to let me carry the old chair out to the rubbish skips but I realised I was insulting his pride by suggesting he couldn’t manage it himself.

And the point is, I broke it and they absolutely refused to let me pay for it. It couldn’t be considered ‘wear and tear’ because it broke in half.

Now I have to think of a gift to give to a wonderful gentleman and his wife, who fight day and night to stop Buttercup from electrocuting/blowing up/bashing her brains out/burning herself alive through her own stupidity and clumsiness.

They seem wonderful.

Old folks here generally appreciate nice fruits.

Just about any nice gift will be appreciated. A box of kiwi from Costco? For me, I would make a box of a couple dozen frosted donuts. I also agree a boxed set of fruit from your local fruit monger. Gift certificate to the local Shabu Shabu. All will be well appreciated.
Most of us are not blessed with this kind of landlord. I would go the extra mile.

Li zhi in boxset is very popular as a gift set recently. My supervisor got several boxes from different clients. It is usually well-arranged in a box in market.
The speical breed name of it is Yuhebao .(玉荷包) Its taste is great!

Fruit fruit fruit.

Fruit from someone who knows about fruit is even better.

For health,the good cook oil is popular with the olders.

Pay it foreward. I want a new car.

That was pretty good for you JD.

That was pretty good for you JD.[/quote]
I hunt with a machine gun. Sooner or later I HAVE to hit something. :wink:

It’s nice that every once in a while you find a thread like this where someone shares a positive experience in Taiwan.

Be nice to them old folks, buttercup!

Why don’t you just promise not to blow anything up in future? I’m sure that would mean a lot.

Yes, Loretta, I will strive for the good in future times. I haven’t actually blown anything up. The regulator thingy on the stove was faulty! But yes.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I kind of thought of something, just as I was typing.

Nice story, Buttercup. Good to hear there are landlords like that. I had really nice ones, too. No, I don’t mean Erhu, she was a nasty piece of work. Before her.

Anyway, when I was leaving and asked them how I could ever repay them for their kindness, they said that the greatest honor would be if I invited them to my (next) wedding. Ha!

So there you go, if your plan doesn’t work out, there’s always a wedding invite.

My gran asked me just the other day if I’d met ‘anyone special’. I explained that all men are ‘special’ and it’s just so hard to meet a guy who doesn’t have special needs in some way. I guess I’ll have to wait a while before sending out the invitations and picking out a dress…

If I had a sig that would be it! Brilliant!

It goes well with my other favorite sig, a quote 914 came up with a long time ago: Not every penis is replaceable with another. Some really are magical and special.

It looks like MrsHill is really coming to the uk, so our deal is off, ‘Eduardo.’ I’m so sorry. I had the AK47’s ready and everything!

Tom’s real opinion is that you will never ever meet someone ‘special,’ but you will certainly meet someone who ticks 8 out of the 50 boxes you ask them to tick.

love you Buttercup,


Love you too, Tom. You are a nine box guy. I was all ready to come to London and find you. I had 4 rolls of tinfoil and a crate of forestry equipment and was looking forward to ‘painting the town red’. Metaphorically speaking, of course; I don’t do DIY.

Kewl about Mrs Hill. Glad to hear it!

Unfortunately, there is no-one out there for me because I despise pretty much every one. The ones I don’t are too smart to get involved with me.

wow that’s pretty rare in Taiwan, those kind of landlords I mean

Ironfist wrote: [quote]wow that’s pretty rare in Taiwan, those kind of landlords I mean[/quote]

Guess I’ve been lucky. I’ve had five landlords and they’ve all been decent (i.e. I got the deposit back each time).

I consider myself really blessed with my landlord. I read all those horror stories and thank my lucky stars for sending her my way. I have been in this house for four years, no lease, no security deposit. no payment in advance and things get fixed when I ask!

We have an unspoken arrangement in that I take care of the small things and she takes care of the big things. This way, things actually get done in a timely fashion and neither of us gets headaches from each other. I think that we have a mutual respect for each other and trust goes a long way.

Buttercup, your landlords sound like gems! I hope that you found something really special for them. Your post reminded me that I, too, should do something for my landlord - she’s done a lot for me!