Myer's Rum

I found a source (non-retail) that can get Myer’s Rum in Taiwan. I haven’t seen it here before, but that’s probably because I never specifically looked for it. Is it available elsewhere?

I ordered two bottles but don’t know what the price is. I’ll post it when I know. It sure went down nice.

I do believe it is available retail in Tainan.
A friends shop on Jinkang Rd has quite a selection of rums.
I will check tommorow and verify.

Is that in Tainan?

I dont’ know where you are, but I think thinkyou can find it at this great store in Yong He that has a lot of foriegn stuff. If you want to know more, pm so I can give you directions.

Thanks for the info. However, this source is one block away from my office in Taipei so it is probably more convenient (in other words, I’m lazy - wait that should be too busy).

it’s relatively easy to get here. your well-stocked “xiangmutong” type stores should have it.

Rum such as Bacardi, yes, but Myer’s? Again, I’ve never searched for it, but I’ve never seen it on the shelf.