MYJ sued by DPP


Taiwan’s opposition party on Friday filed a lawsuit against President Ma Ying-jeou for allegedly leaking national secrets implicating his predecessor Chen Shui-bian in a high-profile embezzlement case.

“The DPP can’t change the fact that those documents are not related to national security by suing Ma,” he said.

Ma enjoys presidential immunity against criminal charges except for treason and leaking state secrets constitutes an act of treason according to the law.

Chen has admitted using false receipts to claim money from the state, but insisted those funds were used for “secret diplomatic missions,” and not his personal benefit.[/quote]
Are false receipts by CSB a state secret? Doesn’t seem like much of a secret if everyone knew about them.
Ah, the humor and irony of Taiwan politics.

I mean seriously, just come clean and tell the world which corrupt gov’t CSB try to buy off to recognize ROC or which US lobby group did CSB think would influence US gov’t One China policy. At least we’d have a good laugh and you get a begrudging “at least you tried” sentiment.

It would be really sad if CSB bought a diamond ring with that money. Because then CSB would go down in history as another corrupt idiot in the long line of idiots that make up Taiwan politics.