Mykonos Taverna - a visit to the Greek Islands

Great atmosphere, good Greek food, reasonable prices. They’re at #8 Lishui Street, one street west of Yongkang Street. They’re open from 12:00 to 11:00 pm. Their phone number is 2396-9388.

Yeah - they rock !! Wicked chow and great atmosphere !!

Also … Amigo’s on Fuxing north Rd kicks @ss !! Food is awesome

reasonable prices sure, but i could imagine reasonable prices being fairly expensive for good greek in Taipei. what are we talking here guys?

Just wanted to re-ask the question: around what price ranges should I anticipate for a meal at this restaurant? Any other opinions about this place? So far, I really like the sound of it! I’m looking for a nice (and vegetarian-friendly) place to have one last semi-romantic dinner and glass of wine with my hunny before I leave Taiwan (and him, temporarily, since he’s staying here)… sigh…

Went for lunch last Sunday and it was a grand a head including drinks (quite a few)

Went there last week. Great. Four starters, three main courses, some kind of home-made cherry soda w/vodka, and several (many) glasses of ouzo for a little under NT$3,000. Don’t know about vegetarian, though. Menu seemed pretty meat-heavy to me.

Nice place. Think a decent meal for one without drinks will cost you around NT$500 (+/-).
Perhaps not that reasonable from a local perspective (no offense intended) but IMHO worth it.

Mmmm…it all sounds great! Prices don’t sound too outrageous either. I don’t need it to have an extensive list of vegetarian options, as long as there are a few yummy veg. dishes/appetizers I can select from, as Alien’s earlier post indicated. Were there good desserts? I love a good dessert!

Thanks so much for your reviews! I’m looking forward to giving it a try myself.

I’ve eaten there several times. I think the atmosphere alone is worth the visit, and it’s a perfect excuse to down a bottle of retsina. The food is unexceptional however.

I’d qualify that statement by agreeing that while the entrees, to me, are not very interesting (although the lamb is usually good), you can make a good meal of a selection of the appetizers, which are quite wonderful. For me, Mykonos means ouzo, retsina, olives, pita, feta, taramasalata, hummus, tadziki, and all those other goodies, followed by cheesecake or baklava, coffee and more ouzo or else some Metaxa if he has any.

It makes for a damn good night out.

Food good - atmosphere good. Lazy mediterranean style drinking and nibbling. Good olives, good lamb, and good octopus. Nice meatballs too.

Mykonos sounds great. But being the cheap bast*rd that I am, how much are we talking for two people?

Are they pretty cool in the restaurant if you just order appetizers and drinks and desserts and coffee (as Sandman suggested)? Or, as in some restaurants in Taipei, do they try to force you into ordering pricey entrees or look down on you if you don’t order “enough”?

Is NT 1,000 for two people? NT$ 2,000 for two people possible here?

Thanks for the help.

Dear Fee:

Well, I would say NT$250 to NT$350 per dish covers the appetizers (if I was with another person I would say three would really suffice) though I believe you have to order the pita bread (not provided for free). So that gets you to NT$1,000 without wine and no main course.

Main courses are NT$350 to NT$550 each, though again none of these is particularly good. Bit too oily, heavy handed on the frying, now that I think of it hardly appetizing in Taipei’s hot, humid summers.

Finally, anyone who likes the wine there gets a thumbs down for me for having any taste. Retsina sucks. Ever heard of any famous Greek wines? No? Oh, yes, one from Rhodes but that is never exported because all the locals lap it up. I sent three bottles of the shit back once, either they are all bad and stored improperly (red) or that is what the wine is supposed to taste like (paints a picture no?)

The white is moderately better but that bitter taste (and I like Campari et al), yuck stick to beer or mixed drinks or anything so that should get you in for around NT$600 to NT$750 a person. Fair?

Well, I happen to like good retsina – it doesn’t ALL taste like donkey piss. :wink: But I must admit, I don’t usually order wine at Mykonos, preferring to stick to lashings of ouzo. Other than that, your pricing seems pretty fair.
And yes, Fee, there’s no problem with just ordering a few appetizers, dessert and coffee.
Its bistro-style (what’s bistro in Greek?) and informal, so its perfectly cool to just drink and have some meze.

Thanks Fred Smith and Sandman.

Sounds like I’ll be able to give the place a try. I’ll probably stay away from the wine, but like you, Sandman, I am partial to the ouzou.

It’s great that they’re cool with the meze-type meal. I like the idea of ordering the appetizers, dessert, and coffee – and ouzou–and enjoying a great meal. The setting looks cool–I’ve walked by it a few times on Lishui Jie.

Thanks again for the help.

[quote=“fee”]Are they pretty cool in the restaurant if you just order appetizers and drinks and desserts and coffee (as Sandman suggested)? Or, as in some restaurants in Taipei, do they try to force you into ordering pricey entrees or look down on you if you don’t order “enough”?

Is NT 1,000 for two people? NT$ 2,000 for two people possible here?[/quote]
I remember there being a minimum order charge – NT$300 per person, maybe.

The last time I was there I spent around NT$1,400 for two people, without alcoholic drinks.

In the opinion of this fellow “cheap bast*ard,” it’s overpriced (the inadequate portions of bread being a good example of this) but worth it once in awhile.

well just went to Mykonos last night. pretty good, a little on pricey side (cf. to greek restaurants back home at least).

had the taramasalata (good dip, small plate), Moussaka (very good, feta was nice, eggplant was fine, the tomato-based flavour wasn’t what i expected-made it taste like lasagna), Gyros (not really what I thought it would be like, but still not bad), and the Roast Chicken entree(delicious, great honey flavoured, cooked just right ie nice and juicy, soft, not cooked hard and dry like 2 day old food, the rice was nicely done too.)
finished with a metrio greek coffee. that was quite nicely done (minor complaint, the consistency was a little different from my experience, but still ok). all told, damage was 1500 (45USD for 2 people i guess that is moderately cheap to average in CA, expensive in BC, and considering the supposed ‘cost of living’ here, a little pricey in Taiwan, but worth it… better than waiting until my next trip to see my folks. too bad I couldn’t hang out with my greek buddies in time for Greek Easter. Their mom makes the best greek food.

now i’m yearning for turkish coffee. anyone know where to go for that here?

There used to be a Syrian guy with a restaurant on Hsinyi, on the south side just west of Guangfu. He did, haven’t been there for years though! Don’t know if he’s still there.