Myofacial Back Pain

Hey folks,

I have been experiencing some myofacial back pain after an accident last year. I’ve heard some friends mention that acupuncture and electric pulse therapy may help.

Have any of you had an success with them when comes to your back pain?

Thanks in advance


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Acupuncture and electro therapy remediates to a certain extent, you will need to couple it them with herbal medicine and proper stretches.
My pinched sciatic nerve was rectified by Traditional Physiotherapy, 整骨. It hurts tbh, but after two months laying in bed with physio and pain killers, one session of pain set me on my feet walking.
Either one works based on your pain tolerance, but remember to get X-Ray done beforehand, it helps to see the extent for the acupuncturist/師傅.

Ask Dr. @joey0825
He can help you out.

You can always have a read of this thread

You could try Dr. Mark Griffin:

I’ll say that a good portion of Chiro is nonsense, especially those on YouTube, but for remedial/therapeutic care it’s pretty effective. Doc Griffin has great bedside manner and seems to be generally interested in your wellbeing. Way better than most card swiping doctors that want to spend the allocated 120 seconds with you and have you on your way.

Thank you @Rocket for tagging me.
Here’s my clinic hours and locations.

I’ve treated many patients with low back pain with acupuncture and/or herbal medicine.
Here’s some journal articles you might want to take a look:

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Let me know if you have any further questions:

Golden rule of Griffin; do not ever sign up to a whole bunch of treatments. He’s notorious for up selling you into three months of three times a week type nonsense.


Go to physio. Your muscles and fascia are all connected, it’s likely other issues are causing chronic back pain. I got rid of my chronic back pain by fixing issues in my hip and hamstring. It had almost nothing to do with my back, back pain was just the symptom.