Myriapoda of Taiwan


Centipedes and millipedes of Taiwan. There are some cool ones! Used to keep lots of centipedes and a few millipedes and really love the group. Tonight while driving north for business we took a slow pace and went herping for hours. This one I have never seen before, about 15cm. If anyone has an ID would love a direction .

It sure did poo a LOT. Have better pics on camera, but out of town working this week so more later. Cellphone pics now.


I don’t know its name… possibly Bruce.


Could the millipede be Spirobolus bungii?


I extemely regret opening this thread…


What exactly did you expect to find?

I’ve seen very similar critters but with different color.


I did not know what myriapoda was…


The name is self explanatory.


Myriapoda is basically this, some others but most people are familiar with these 2 groups. Long multi legged invertebrates.