Myriapoda of Taiwan


Centipedes and millipedes of Taiwan. There are some cool ones! Used to keep lots of centipedes and a few millipedes and really love the group. Tonight while driving north for business we took a slow pace and went herping for hours. This one I have never seen before, about 15cm. If anyone has an ID would love a direction .

It sure did poo a LOT. Have better pics on camera, but out of town working this week so more later. Cellphone pics now.


I don’t know its name… possibly Bruce.


Could the millipede be Spirobolus bungii?


I extemely regret opening this thread…


What exactly did you expect to find?

I’ve seen very similar critters but with different color.


I did not know what myriapoda was…


The name is self explanatory.


Myriapoda is basically this, some others but most people are familiar with these 2 groups. Long multi legged invertebrates.


in real life the legs on this guy are blue. even after shedding, its fantastic how pretty this one is.

stone centipede, would love an id on this one

Scolependra getting murdered by ants

Note ants cutting off front legs/fangs…crazy

the ID above was spot on, thanks!


Inspecting a container of raw logs and found this cute little guy. He lives in my vivarium now. Any idea on genus or species. From extreme southern taiwan.


Anyone have an ID for this fellow I found cruising through my kitchen? My phone’s cheap and my girlfriend was eager for our uninvited guest to leave asap so the photo quality isn’t great.


Centipedes are notoriously confusing in taxonomy. Many “experts” cannot give a definitive answer thats accepted.

Im terrible at iding these too, but perhaps getting down to genus is all one can expect, even with fantastic pics.


This looks solid


Hate to do this to you but looks suspiciously similar to…


Ugh I know… Found that article shortly after the encounter and have since taken up the practice of diligently inspecting my sheets before crawling into bed :unamused:


Great one thanks. Im reading about that genus a bit, seems a bit off but now can id another species i see around a lot. Cheers!

Found this useful key