Mysterious E-mail From "Microsoft"

I received an email yesterday that was very official looking. It claimed to be from Microsoft. It even had links to Microsoft’s support, products and services.

The email said that the attachment contained an important security upgrade for Outlook Express and some other programs.

The name of the attachment was something like patch123423.exe
Anyways, I was smart enough to go to the Microsoft Homepage and read that…

The message contains no attachments. Authentic Microsoft Security Bulletin notifications never include software updates as attachments. Rather, we refer customers to the complete version of the bulletin on our Web site, which provides a link to the update. Most Microsoft software updates are made through Microsoft Windows Update, Microsoft Office Update, or the Microsoft Download Center. … e_mail.asp

Look out! Be vigilant!

me too - i thought “strange, how’d they get this email address?”

knew it was fake straight away, so i deleted it… but i wonder what the file was?

I have no idea what that file was.
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The email didn’t come from Microsoft the senders did something called “spoofing”. It acts the same as if you were to put different numbers on your house. Your house isn’t actually that number, but you’re spoofing it to look like someone elses house. The .exe could have been a million different things, all of which are probably bad. 99% of .exe or .pif or what have you that is sent via email are bad. A rule of thumb for me is to never open those files that come through email.


The microsoft thing has W32.Swen.A@mm virus according to my Symantic antivirus protection

Microsoft NEVER sends patches through e-mail. If you do get an e-mail from microsoft with an attachement, you can be sure it’s a fake.

Da bian wondered what the attachment might have been. I admit that I’m definitely not a techie, but I’ve read a little about spam lately and I believe I’ve read that –

  • Opening some attachments will unleash a virus on your computer that will enable spammers to use your machine as a relay for sending spam. Thus, if you had opened it, perhaps a million people might receive spam in the future that was sent from your computer. I believe that’s what the Sobig virus was all about, and I believe that experts (not surprisingly) believe that Sobig was intentionally distributed by spammers for that purpose.

  • I believe taht opening some attachments may unleash a program that gives the sender access to information from your computer, including other people’s e-mail addresses and possibly your passwords (unsure about that one).

  • At least by opening the attachment you may simply notify the sender that your e-mail address is valid so they can add it to a list to use and/or sell to other spammers.

Maybe Schuu or someone else who knows this stuff better than me can confirm if I’m correct and if I missed anything.

I got a similar e-mail recently, in my Yahoo account, from admn@yahoo which was why I opened it. I was still too suspicious to open the attachment though.

As to what MT said about the adware downloading itself onto your computer, I was recently getting ridiculous amounts of pop-ups and stuff. I downloaded this free software, ad-aware 6.0, for free and it’s been great. (Very quick to download and easy to use).


[quote=“stevieboy”]I have no idea what that file was.
Da Bian, your “see me naked” link doesn’t work![/quote]
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nah… it’s just Forumosa’s IRC channel - i set it up ages ago, but it’s always empty (except for me, most days)