Mysterious “Taiwan Deputies” at China Communist Congress 22 May 2020

Out of these 13 delegates, only Chen Yunying, of Taiwan Amis aboriginal tribe, was actually born in Taiwan.

Based on the website’s list, Taiwan’s delegates to the NPC include Huang;
Xu Pei (許沛), president of Chongqing Taiwan Federation;
Zou Zhenqiu (鄒振球)president of Jiangsu Taiwan Federation;
Zhang Xiong (張雄), professor of Shanghai Tongji University;
Zhang Xiaodong (張曉東), founder of Renfu Pharmaceutical Group;
Chen Jun (陳軍), a member of the Amis tribe;
Chen Yunying (陳雲英), wife of Chinese economist Lin Yifu (林毅夫);
Lin Qing (林青), president of Hainan Taiwan Federation;
Fu Zhiguan (符之冠);
Liang Zhiqiang (梁志強);
Ceng Liqun (曾力群), president of Guizhou Taiwan Federation;
Cai Peihui (蔡培輝), a government official of Gansu province;
Liao Haiying (廖海鷹), director of Gland Surgery, the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University.

Zou Zhenqiu said that it was a rare experience to attend the meeting wearing masks. This, he claimed, symbolized that after the “periodic victory” in the fight against the epidemic, the “phased victory” was the right time to make major decisions on all aspects of the country: “Today, when I sing the national anthem, I feel a lot of emotion and my throat is choked, especially when I sing ‘The most dangerous time for the Chinese nation.’ I really feel great empathy.”

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Ah these are Chinese members of Parliament. They’re members of one of the 8 legal political parties of the People’s Republic of China.

They’re supposed to be representing Taiwanese constituencies. They belong to the hilariously named Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League. Taiwan gets 13 seats in China’s Parliament.

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I was told about my deputies representing Taiwan when I was in Tsinghua Uni for school. These people are insane.

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So these must be the ass that must be kissed by Taiwanese to do extremely successful business in China.

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Taiwan parliament needs some China reps whose only role is to further Taiwan interests.

Call them the “China Democratic Government League”.

Well, as you pointed in your original post that I did not have the opportunity to save the Tango42 Topic cause @jdsmith got there first :wink: these MPs are required to have links to Taiwan. In many cases, they’re ancestral. Originally there were Communist Sympathisers from the independence-leaning Taiwanese Communist Party and other born-in-Taiwan members from the war as while many fled to Taiwan, there were enough people born-in-Taiwan opposed to the Kuomintang in China to fill thirteen seats. Nowadays as those people are plucked by the Grim Reaper, the definition of links-to-Taiwan has been watered down significantly and are simply people who were born and raised in the Communist system who may have had ancestors that once lived in Taiwan. If there are any that are born in Taiwan, they’re usually traitors like Justin Lin and his wife.
It’s a truly bizarre alternate reality they live over there in China.

They’re not really mysterious. This is public information and an insane despotic dictatorship playing make-believe.

Fun fact, Mao Zedong supported Taiwanese Independence cause he wanted to spread the Communist cause, as the Taiwanese Communist Party was a political party in Japan…or Japanese Taiwan as I should say. The stance only ever changed when the mortal enemies, the Kuomintang took over Taiwan. For Mao, it was ideological. For the Communist Party of today, it’s more practical.

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well they have 50 cent people commenting online saying they are taiwanese when they are not, why not have fake taiwan delegates? certainly not beyond winnie the pooh and his gang of misfits