Nail Clippers

I have found it nearly impossible to clip my dogs’ nails. Initially, I thought it was just my first dog that didn’t like getting her nails clipped, but then my second dog protested, and my most recent rescue tried to maul the clippers. When I first started clipping them, it was particularly difficult to cut through the nail. Then, when the clippers finally made it through the nail, the dogs often reacted in pain or panic, even though the quick was far from getting cut.

I’m starting to think it has something to do with the clippers themselves. Perhaps they are too dull? I’ve tried shopping two or three times for different clippers, but with little success. Can anyone suggest nail clippers that might be more effective?

i had the same problem with my dogs before when i was using the large clippers that you grasp with your entire hand.
i’ve since bought some clippers that i found at a local pet store that are only about 3 inches in total length, and resemble a pair of scissors. I had to go around to a few different stores before i found them, but they are very effective, sharp, and cheap (100 nt, i think). my dogs have gotten used to them because it’s not the sudden clamping down on their nails anymore! i can trim their nails very slowly now and not get frustrated with them pulling their paws away constantly!

Or you can just let them run about? I haven’t ever clipped my dog’s nails, but he keeps them worn short just the same.