Nam of Nationwide Computers

Original Title: Anyone remember a guy called Van i think it is

He ran / runs a PC build repair company in TW. Great service, but I’ve lost his contact details. Bought a Shuttle PC from him a while ago and did a reinstall, but I’ve discovered that my driver CD is cracked…

“Nam” maybe?

I was in a similar situation recently having been given a PC without a HDD or CDs.

Even if you get the CD, it will be outdated.

What I did was used a Hardware ID utility like this and once the bits are ID’d just go to the sites and download the latest drivers. It doesn’t take long.

Rascal has posted a link to Nam’s site here. Just click on “NAM” in Rascal’s post: … highlight=

The banner ad displaying at the moment is for Nam’s company. 0926 763 664

I bought a PC from him back in June - good price, good service and good guy. He even delivered it to my place himself - and I live 2 1/2 hours south of Taipei.

Nam’s a nice guy and knows his stuff. He delivered a memory card to me today where and when I wanted, and gave me good advice about installing it. Oh, and a lifetime warranty.

My computer’s running super fast now. I’m well pleased! :slight_smile: