Name change suggestion -- The Food & Drink Forum

Wouldn’t the Food Forum be better entitled The Food & Drink Forum? That way, the breadth of its scope (including imported beer selections, cocktail recipes etc.) is clearer to users.

The Slurp and Munch Forum ?

That would be better for “Dating & Relationships”…


I would like to raise this suggestion again for Admins’ consideration.

Sounds good to me - don’t know why I didn’t reply earlier. I’ll make the change later today.

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Thanks! That’ll make where to put searches for bottled and keg beer more obvious, for instance.

But perhaps not “The Food & Drink Forum” in the label for this. Instead, simply, to match the style of other forum names, “Food & Drink”.

Similarly, if you’re going to be adjusting a forum name anyway, perhaps handle these as well:
[ul][li]Health and Fitness --> Health & Fitness[/li]
[li]Where Can I Find…? --> Where can I find…? or Where can I find ______?[/li]
[li]Open Forum --> Open[/li]
[li]Feedback Forum --> Feedback[/li]
[li]The Temporary Forum --> Temporary or Temp[/li][/ul]