Name for a Mandarin study website

I have locked myself away in my study for the last 6 days busily building a website for students of Mandarin. There is a lot of information out there but some of it is hard to find or involves wading through lots of links to filter out the useful stuff.
I would put myself at the lower intermediate end of the Mandarin ability scale and am gearing the site for absolute beginners right through to high intermediate students (for the time being).
I have collated all of the material, been messing around with a bunch of macromedia products, and generally learning a lot about building a website. I am not finished yet and I won’t be for a few weeks yet, but I still haven’t decided upon a name for the site. I have a couple in mind and the urls that i would like are avaliabl.
I would like some input from forumosans with regards to a name and if i choose your offering I will give you…erm…‘something’…in reward.

hey, what does the little star under my name mean?

A good question that I’m pondering for my own Daoism related website.

Some thoughts: /

Of those, I think is the best, easy to remember and short. is a stub (no site), so I don’t think there’s much danger of confusion.

Any thoughts for a Daoism related site?

Yea, all of those have already crossed my mind. The 2 that I’m thinking about now are and is not bad, but I don’t really like tian1xia4 as it’s awfully easy to forget the tone numbers and a little distracting to the eyes.

I like…that would be VERY easy to remember.