Name four things unique about Taiwan

I was at the National Museum of Finland about three weeks ago, and learned when they were pushing for independence, they came up with things unique about Finland, including a new national epic, Kalevala.

Let’s see if we can do the same for Taiwan.

Something either unique to Taiwan or started first in Taiwan. Not Chinese. If it’s indigenous, it can’t be found anywhere else in the Austronesian world (e.g. the bamboo dance is also Filipino)

  1. Bubble tea
  2. Pineapple Cake
  3. National character: Taiwanese tend to underestimate their own abilities.
  4. Mango ice monster
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“Taiwanese people suck” is basically the national motto.


Its name is pretty unique.

the ratio of metro system awesomeness to otherwise general chaos in society is pretty high too. How does that happen? (probably because the metro are mostly designed by foreigners.)

the number of blue trucks per capita is unique.

and, the claim that it it the food capital of Asia is also unique (and uniquely indefensible).


Blue truck isn’t really that special. It’s basically just a pickup truck if you think about it. If you painted all the pickup trucks in Texas blue you’d say there’s a bunch of blue trucks there too.

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true, but they are not blue right now… Blue trucks is fairly unique to Taiwan

  1. Night markets
  2. Scooter “culture” (other countries rely on scooters, but they don’t have the weird National pride in it that Taiwan does)
  3. Huge Taoist festivals / pilgrimages
  4. “Cha bu duo”… okay, I’ll be nice and say bubble tea too.

Chabuduo is a Chinese thing.

There’s a consensus that Bubble Tea came from Taiwan.

I think we need to distinguish between hating themselves and hating other Taiwanese people.

You don’t see Taiwanese killing each other at high rates.

But yes, it seems like Taiwanese hate themselves.

Japanese and Koreans often give Taiwanese more respect than it gives itself.

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I’m not sure about that one. I know Taiwan has a reputation for them (although I’m not quite sure why - I’ve always found them quite underwhelming here tbh, with a couple of exceptions)…but they’re also pretty common in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore…


Maybe the music-playing garbage/recycling trucks? Shop after shop of claw machines?


In the DC metro, the escalators don’t work half the time and there are constant stoppages.

You can’t really attribute things to foreigners when no one can else can do it better.

Some hobo in another thread was saying TSMC is actually using foreign technology, which d
Makes no sense because if someone else had that cutting edge technology TSMC was purportedly using, they’d be leading and not TSMC.

There are some things Taiwan does with mad efficiency, some things not so much.


Yeah this. It’s like they saw ice cream trucks do this in other countries and thought garbage was close enough. Such a letdown the first time I heard it on my street.


Letdown because you thought ice cream was coming?

  1. Convenience store density.
  2. Lack of WFH culture in the Covid era.
  3. Immaculate areas (MRT, 101) juxtaposed with shabby areas and perfection (TSMC) juxtaposed with cha bu duo.
  4. Expats who don’t know how good they have it (okay, this exists everywhere in Asia probably).

Or some other food-like treat.

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  1. can also be seen in Japan (and Korea)

3can definitely be in Japan

4Lol this one applies to every country in Asia and its expats

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This is where I was staying in Warsaw:


@Andrew Not unique to Taiwan. Unfortunately also a thing in Japan.

Stinky tofu?