Name four things unique about Taiwan

the Chinese one I had was black, but both equally as bad.

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TSMC fab equipment and supplies come from overseas vendors.

That’s terrible. It’s not supposed to stink.

So what? Give anyone else an ASML EUV machine and they still can’t make advanced chips like TSMC can.

It smells less after cooking but the more smell the better the flavour apparently, the black is the more traditional one, but just as rancid to me.

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Taiwanese indigenous peoples, Formosan people


If these are all people can think of to save taiwan from china, im gonna go buy my red flag now…


Did you read the title right?

Democratization: Isn’t the way Taiwan transitioned from martial law dictatorship to democracy unique?


It’s only a Taiwan Market when there’s Taiwan snacks in Pearl milk tea another things. It’s unique! Some colleges have Taiwanese night Market nights in the United States


Give me something from their culture that’s unique.

This… Shaved ice

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Although there’s a Taiwanese variation called 雪花冰

Is that the milky white version. We don’t like it. Our family likes the pure water version. If the milky white version is what you’re talking about it tastes like bubblegum to me.

We’re now into real flavored shaved ice that is all chocolate. It’s good, but I’ve been recently in the mood for the traditional unflavored ice.

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Umm yes. I also read the original post describing the meaning of the title…

I was at the National Museum of Finland about three weeks ago, and learned when they were pushing for independence, they came up with things unique about Finland, including a new national epic, Kalevala.

Let’s see if we can do the same for Taiwan.[/quote]

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Thier tattoo style after beheading people.

Yes, thats a GOOD one to use for taiwans independence case! Not fricken bubble tea…

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