Name of the brown compact tofu?

Dears, as I was in Taiwan years ago, I saw in the markets two kinds of tofu; one was the “normal” white soft tofu, and the other was a compact tofu with brown skin. Perhaps compressed and roasted. Please let me know its name and how to produce it. Thank you!

I believe you mean dougan

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Thank you for your quick reply. I will try to find out how to produce it

That I can’t tell you :slight_smile: I only know how to eat it.

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Unfortunately I do not find tutorials in english as how to make dougan. Perhaps some good person understanding chinese is able to find a little video on youtube ang give here the link. I will learn something by watching. Thank you

Perhaps one of these methods?

This explains the process, there are pictures

It was very nice of you. Thank you. Have a good Sunday!

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