Name of the fragrant white flower sold on the street

is what? Pretty please.

You know, the one often sold by poor folk at traffic lights, and found dangling from rearview mirrors.

I think it’s a lotus flower.

I always think of it as the taxi flower, since that seems to be its natural habitat. The typical taxi environment (oxygen impoverished, damp, humid, moldy), seems to favour its growth.

I was thinking it might be, but need to know the specific variety.
Nelumbo nucifera might be it. But which? And are there specific conditions to get those pure white blossoms?
(I have a specific need, and don’t want this messed up.)

Nelumbo nucifera, methinks.

Ask Urodacus!

Michelia alba 玉蘭花

That’s it!

Thank you, very much. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Isn’t it some kind of citrus blossom?

White Sandalwood

i LOVE the smell of those flowers and have never seen/smelled them here in Calif or anywhere outside of Taiwan.

We bought one of those trees a few months ago at Jianguo Flower Market and it’s doing very well on our rooftop. We also bought a mango tree the same day and that’s growing like crazy. I’m sure when we sell our house, years down the road, the new owners will be thrilled with both of those trees. :thumbsup:

I’ve got a huge tree like this in the middle of my main yard and when it’s in bloom the whole yard smells so nice. I like putting one of my lawn chairs under it and reading a novel on a nice lazy Sunday afternoon. Awesome tree!

Are you sure it’s not the Yulan Magnolia? 玉蘭花

Magnolia denudata var. yulan

學名:Michelia alba 英文名:White champak, White Michelia, White orchid tree

How I’d love to have a garden with one or two of these in it!

I’m sure that when you sell the place a few years later because the mango tree has ripped the roof apart and the place floods every time it rains… then the new owner might not be so chuffed! the white michelia will still be a nice tree, though.

I too have a happy mango tree, growing like mad in the wet summer heat.