"Name that Smell" game

Irishstu should like this one. Quite simple, I will make a smell below and you have to work out what it is. If you’re right you can make a smell.


emu shit?

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]emu shit?[/quote]No


[quote=“Elegua”]Coke[/quote]Yes :bravo: Not Coca-Cola obviously, that would dribble out of your nose. Your turn.

I’m on a budget and a diet, so I use Coke Zero.

OK. Try this.


Here is a a clue: It’s a smell of nostalgia. Often associated with comings and goings. It may be weather or climate related; or just poor maintenance. The sad part is that this smell will soon be nostalgia.

penguin shit?

It’s not HNV1 related

CRT monitor?


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]CRT monitor?


Another hint… the new half, no. 2, doesn’t have it.

No one is playing…that’s it…I’m going home! :raspberry:

Sweaty balls?

Is it moose cock?

Belly lint?

Getting closer. But it’s not a personal smell.

Are they phasing out Old Spice?


spotted dick?

[quote=“housecat”]spotted dick?[/quote]That will last forever like it always has.

Stan Lee ?

Not if you take your antibiotics.


It is not a personal smell or have to do with a bodily function.

You can’t wear it - but you’ll know it when you smell it.
It is the first thing you smell coming and the last thing you smell leaving; as long as your going old school.
It is involved with a bald, smelly old man, who was associated with peanuts.